Big Lineman Camped With Duke

Zach Zielinski may have finally taken his last visits of the summer recently as he hit up three camps and made the trip to tour two campuses. His senior season will play a huge role in whether or not Zielinski will receive offers at the Division I-A level and he is hoping some of the things he learned recently at camps will help his cause.

When watching Zach Zielinski on film it is hard not to fall in love with his massive 6-foot-8, 320-pound frame, but he shows as a very raw prospect in need of some help when it comes to stance, technique and footwork. Recently the York, Pa., native made camp stops at West Virginia, Notre Dame and Duke and while he may not have come home with any offers, he was extremely excited about the things he learned along the way.

"When I went to West Virginia I learned a lot about technique and the offensive line coach actually completely adjusted my stance and I have got to say that I feel ten times more comfortable now coming off the line," Zielinski exclaimed. "They just taught me how to get my butt down and bend my knees more naturally and gave me some ways to practice it and I know it will really help me. I had a lot of fun there and liked the coaching staff a lot, but the biggest thing was my appreciation of the help they gave me because I think it will make a big difference going forward."

If Zielinski can enter his senior season and play with a lower base and better technique, he could see offers start to hit his mailbox as soon as late September. As previously mentioned, these were some of the biggest things he needed to work on and these recent developments could really help the York Catholic standout in recruiting.

"I also camped at Notre Dame and Duke and I can definitely say that Notre Dame was the best run camp I have ever been to," Zielinski said. "Coach (John) Latina is a good man and a great coach and is the type of guy that will get in your face and let you know when something needs corrected which I really like. While the camp was not nearly as instructional as West Virginia, we did get a ton of reps there and really focused on the basics which is important. Duke was just a done day camp and I think I did pretty well there. They requested my transcripts along with West Virginia and Connecticut, so I take that as a very positive sign."

Zielinski hadn't had much contact with the coaching staffs at either Connecticut or Temple previously, so he decided to stop by in person and meet with them while checking out both campuses. He will be sending out his first few game films to both schools at this point and the visits have definitely given him two more feasible options for the future.

"I really liked it at Connecticut and after visiting about twenty schools I can tell you that they definitely had the best facilities I have ever seen," Zielinski explained. "The weight room was amazing as everything was brand new and they had an indoor practice field and football building that were just awesome. You could tell that the coaching staff really cared about both their current players and the ones they were recruiting and after speaking to Coach (Hank) Hughes, Coach (Carl) Kotz and Coach (Mike) Foley for an hour and a half I was very impressed with what I heard. The campus was very clean and well maintained, but I will admit I did think it was a bit out in the middle of no where. They asked me to send my first few game films and requested my transcripts after I visited, so we'll see where it goes from there. I would give the visit a 9 out of 10."

"Temple also went well and when I got there Coach (Kevin) Gilbride gave us a tour of the campus which they are in the process of adding new things to. The facilities were pretty new and the football building was great. They have put together a great staff there and I really think good things are coming for the Temple program in the future."

Zielinski will also attempt to visit Buffalo if he gets a chance, but if he does not make that trip he is officially done for the summer barring somet

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