Devils Among Early Leaders for 2009 DB

The Westside Rams took a big victory on Friday over rivals T.L. Hanna 43-13 and caught up with 2009 prospect CB Lex Butler for an update on the season and his recruitment.

Things have been hectic for the Westside Rams and 2009 prospect Lex Butler spoke to about the Rams' preparations and expectations for this season. Friday night saw the Rams take the battle of Anderson county defeating rivals T.L. Hanna pretty easily 43-13.

Practices have been going on for quite a while now and Butler filled us in on how things have progressed on the practice field. "Practice has been nothing but hardworking. The slogan for this year's football team is "One More Step" and that last step is to get to Williams Brice Stadium so our coaches have been pushing us hard. We fell one step short last year in the upper state championship versus Greenwood because we gave up one big play that made a big outcome on the game. During conditioning when everyone is tired our coaches remind us of that one big play and if we would have gave a little more effort we would have been at Williams Brice Stadium."

The class of 2009 prospect also talked about the squads they scrimmaged prior to their opening game versus Hanna. "We have scrimmaged Clinton and Dorman. Against Clinton we did really well. Clinton is more of a run team and the defense played really well and made mutiple turnovers and scored on most. The offense put up points on the ground and in the air. Dorman was a little more of a challenge but it was mostly an even match. Dorman spreaded out more but the defense still adjusted to it and played well. We scored multiple times in the air which most teams think we can't do since we have a strong running game. I am pleased with our team's progress especially our defense under our new defensive cordinator."

Things on the recruiting front haven't really changed much for Lex but he recalled his current top 5 for us. "This is in no particular order but it's Clemson, Wake Forest, Vanderbilt, Duke, and Georgia. I'm still open to everyone right now though."

Butler also let us in on what his goals were for this season. "I'd like to make at least 40 tackles, have 3 interceptions, and a touchdown. As far as the team goes our goal is to make it to state and get a ring."

With their strong showing against T.L. Hanna on Friday night it appears Westside is on its way to making a run towards Williams Brice quite possibly.

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