Monroe Ready For In-Homes

Greg Monroe will conduct a number of in-home visits - all to be concluded by the middle of September's No. 1 prospect in the nation Greg Monroe has a plan for his month of September. The 6-foot-10 Monroe isn't in a hurry to get on a plane and make visits. He's employing another approach and it begins with in-home visits.

"He's set up 8 of them next month," Cox coach Tyrone Mouzon told "After he does his home visits and he'll narrow it down to 4-5 schools to do official visits. He and his family asked me not to give the information out as to who is coming in for home visits."

The last list we procured from Greg back in July hinted at Duke, Kansas, LSU, Georgetown, Kentucky, Louisville, Texas and Southern Cal as major players. Others like Baylor, Florida and Mississippi State were mentioned.

"They'll all be done by Sept. 22. He's actually got 2 visits in one day. Then, the following week he's going to sit down and then make his list (for official visits)."

Mouzon has been impressed with his big man through the entire process. Cox was a converted middle school and many kids would have explored options in greener pastures. Never once did Monroe seek out national level high school programs when transferring could be easy.

"He handles himself amazingly well," Mouzon said. "I don't know how he does it. He doesn't let it bother him. He says he's just having fun.

"He's such a throw back type of kid. His whole focus is being in school and having fun. He's hanging out with friends, going to high school football games and having fun."

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