Quotes: Duke vs. Connecticut

Head Coach Ted Roof, CB Leon Wright, and LB Charles Robinson met the media following Saturday's loss at home to Connecticut

Duke Coach Ted Roof

On today's game:
"It was disappointing especially with the way we were at halftime. We hadn't done a lot of things in the first half that I wanted us to do but we had fought through it. Defensively, we were holding them to field goals instead of letting them punch it in, then in the second half we didn't get many first downs, turned the ball over and did a poor job punting the football. I was pleased with where we were at the end of the first half because as a football team I thought we fought through some adversity and still had the lead, but like I said, what happened in the second half is a recipe for disaster and I'm very disappointed."

On consistency:
"To be a good football team, you have to be consistent, and today we were not consistent. We have to go back to work as a staff and as players and as a football program and works to get better and get ready to play Virginia next week."

On keeping the players focused:
"Win, lose or draw, you have to put it behind you. We have to learn from it though. We had some guys that got big eyes out there, and when you start looking around instead of focusing your eyes on what you're supposed to focus on, from a defensive perspective anyway, that's when the big plays occur. We can't do that. In the first half we were fighting through some adversity and hanging in there and we did not have a good performance in the second half. We give credit to Connecticut, as well."

Duke Cornerback Leon Wright

On today's game:
"We started out great and then towards the end, I don't really know what happened. I guess the offense couldn't get a rhythm going and the defense was wearing down. We started to fall apart. I believe that we'll come back stronger next week."

On the stop on Connecticut's last drive of the first half:
"We're going to fight to the end. We just kept fighting and we knew we couldn't give up a score there. Coach always told us that three field goals can beat a touchdown but if you keep them in the blue zone, they can't do anything but kick a field goal and they need three to beat a touchdown. We knew we had to hold them."

On regrouping:
"We just have to keep at it. The second string has to step up. We just have to keep playing. We can't worry about this week and we have to keep moving forward."

Duke LB Charles Robinson

On his first career interception:
"I knew we needed the play right then and there. The first thing that went through my head was that I needed to score. Unfortunately, I didn't, but that was the plan that went through my head."

On the momentum shift in the second half:
"Honestly, I feel like we weren't playing like the team we were capable of playing like. We weren't doing the things that we normally do as Duke. This wasn't Duke football today. I think we fought with them hard in the first half and made plays when we needed to. That's one positive."

On what the team needs to improve on:
"We have to play hard all four quarters."

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