Tuesday Presser: Coach Roof

Head Coach Ted Roof met the media on Tuesday afternoon for his weekly press conference

On the mood of the team over the last couple days:
"We went back to work yesterday morning. It was good to get back on the practice field and be able to spit some of that out and move forward. At the same time, we have to learn lessons and as coaches, there are some things we have to make sure our football team understands. Hopefully we've done that the last couple days and we'll be ready to play much better against Virginia."

On Saturday's loss:
"We were all disappointed. It wasn't a lack of effort; it was a lack of execution. In football, it's the ultimate team game. You have to have 11 guys doing their jobs at the same time and when you don't, there are breakdowns and it costs the whole football team. That occurred on Saturday but it still came down to field position. In the first half, we came down and that was as good of a drive as we've had since I've been here. It was methodical and we took it right down the field and finished off the drive. Defensively, we were able to force them to attempt field goals. Usually when you can force a team to do that and you have a big play in the kicking game, you feel pretty good about things. In the second half, they [Connecticut] scored on a long pass play and we had a couple of guys run into each other. They got the momentum and we didn't do anything to swing it back with the lack of production offensively, turnovers, the punting game and big plays on defense. We played the whole second half on a 50-yard football field. When you do that, you're not going to win."

On the four-game road trip coming up:
"We have a one-game road trip right now. I think that for us to focus on anything that we have no control over would be a mistake and a waste of time. I just want our football players worrying about getting Duke executing then let the chips fall where they may."

On first-game jitters:
"There are no more first-game "whatevers." Not that there is ever an excuse for that, but some guys were playing for the first time for us. There were some different reactions from what I've seen on the practice field. There needs to be a lot of improvement this Saturday from last Saturday. If practice is an indication, we've had two good practices and we need to have three more then a good game on Saturday."

On the punting game:
"We have to punt the ball better; that's no secret. We cannot average 29 yards a punt because even if you're not turning the ball over, you get killed on field position. We have to have some production there."

On the lift Michael Tauiliili will bring to the team on Saturday:
"He's been our leading tackler both as a freshman and as a sophomore. From a production standpoint and an experience standpoint, you're adding that to the mix. I'm ready to see how he's going to play."

On Vincent Rey:
"He played well the other day. He was solid and steady and he made the plays that he was in the position to make. He's got a motor and he plays with a lot of enthusiasm and I think that we'll have a couple guys that are good box guys in there playing against Virginia. I look for more production out of that position."

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