Tuesday Presser: Player Quotes

Zach Maurides (Sr. OL) and Vincent Rey (So. OLB) met the media on Tuesday afternoon in the weekly press conference.

Zach Maurides (Sr. OL)

On returning after off-season back surgery:
I've actually had a pretty great recovery. I haven't had any back issues since I've started. Clearly it took a little bit of time to get back in shape. Missing those first two weeks of camp, as far as cardiovascular work, I had to do a lot to catch up. I haven't felt any pain in my back though, and I feel pretty blessed in that because I know that it can sometimes be a tricky issue with back surgery, but I've had a great recovery.

On deciding to return for his fifth season:
A couple of things. First, my teammates. After playing with those guys for four years and seeing where the team was going and what we were building, it just seemed like my responsibility to continue to support my brothers. Secondly, I see great opportunity for this season and I really want to be a part of the change in Duke football and be the team that turns it around. Hopefully we can get that started this weekend.

On the experience of the offensive line:
Where it really helps us is consistency because now we've got guys that have worked together. The difficult thing about playing offensive line is that no position is an individual position. You have to work in concert with the people next to you, and when it's someone that you've worked with already for the past year, it's much easier to get into a rhythm to get to the point where you know you can count on a guy, you know what he's doing, and you know where he's going to be on every play. The second thing it helps is that because we have all these guys that are knowledgeable, they're passing that knowledge onto those younger guys. So it's going to help bring along the guys that are behind us so that they're ready to play and contribute earlier.

On the return of Fred Roland to the lineup this week:
Fred's a great player and he plays with a lot of ferocity. He's clearly a very powerful person. I think, just like I said, Fred's a guy that for Rob Sherman and Matt Rumsey, they know what he's going to do on every play and I think it's going to help us get our harmony as a group. I think that's a benefit. We're used to working with Fred, we rely on him and we know what he's going to do on every play.

On his goals this season:
I want to win every single game. I mean every single game.

Vincent Rey (So. LB)

On the benefits of being out on the field as a freshman rather than being red-shirted and what he gained from the experience:
"It was very helpful for me to play as a freshman in any capacity. I learned a lot, even though I still have a lot more to learn. It will definitely help me this season, specifically this week against Virginia. I gained a great deal of composure that I would not have gained if I had red-shirted last year."

On whether he expected to have such a good opening game:
"I wouldn't say I had such a good game. I made a lot of tackles just running to the ball, but I made a lot of mental errors--- the most out of any of the linebackers. I got pretty tired, which there's not excuse for, but I didn't expect to have so many tackles."

On moving from inside to outside linebacker this week and what changes that will entail:
"I played outside linebacker in the spring so that's what I was learning most of the time. For the next couple of days I have to refresh my memory to make the transition from middle back to outside. I had a couple of mental errors again today, but that will be cleaned up by the end of the week definitely. I deal more with receivers--- in some instances I have to take a receiver vertical. Maybe I have the flats at some points. I have to be more receiver-minded."

On playing physically and where that mentality comes from:
"I've always tried to be physical. This week as I said I made a couple of mental errors and I got kind of tired but being physical is one thing I always seek. The coaches here teach all of us to give it your all every play and just attack. If you don't know something just go hit somebody in the mouth. In high school that's how we played. We just ran around and hit people. Here you have to know a lot of things, such as coverages and gaps, but when it comes down to it, you just have to want to hit somebody in the mouth."

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