The War Room Returns

The War Room is back with the latest from preseason hoops workouts and the recruiting trail.

Despite preseason practices not beginning for nearly five weeks, teams are able to begin preseason workouts at various levels. The Blue Devils have jumped in with both feet in this regard. Which Devils have stood out? Which player's fitness level was the most surprising? Did someone really challenge a program record? Which freshmen are earning a place in the rotation already? All these questions are answered inside.

In addition to the preseason report, the Blue Devil coaching staff has returned from their work with Team USA in Las Vegas, and is now ready to head back out on the road for recruiting. Which prospects will be in town this weekend? Which ones will he hosting Coach K and his staff this weekend? Who is coming to Durham next week? When will the first commitment happen? Check out our War Room feature for the the inside scoop.

The War Room

September 7, 2007

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