Quotes: Duke vs. Northwestern

Head Coach Ted Roof and QB Thaddeus Lewis met the media following Duke's victory over Northwestern.

Head Coach Ted Roof

Opening Statement:
"I'm really proud of our kids. We showed a lot of guts at the end and found a way to win. We talked all week that we would have to take it. NU is a good football team that scores a lot of points, but our kids hung in there in every phase. Last punt, Kevin (Jones) hits a great punt and we covered it well. There were just so many plays and so many things. I'm so happy for our fans, our players and our staff."

On having the defense on the field to end the game:
"I don't care what unit is on the field, when the Blue Devils win, I could care less. It was good that instead of giving it away or milking it away, our kids found a way to win and keep making plays. I hope this will be a springboard for us and we will understand what it feels like to win and the reward that goes along with hard work. This is one football game, just like when we lost it was one football game, but I hope it puts a little extra bounce in our step as we get ready for Navy."

On motivating the players before the game:
"We are looking for any angle, any edge we can use to motivate our players so they can understand how close we were to winning. We were really close coming in, but we hadn't put it together for four quarters. Today we made one more play than Northwestern did, and it felt better than making one less play."

On moving the ball and completing 15-straight passes at one point:
"We had some rhythm going. If you look at what happened, we had just one turnover on the first play of the game, and we were 2-of-2 in the red zone. They had two turnovers and were 2-of-5 in the red zone. The things we preach, we were on the right side of those things today and that was the difference in the football game."

On the final defensive stand:
"I wanted to match up man-to-man and bring one more than they could block and see what they could do. Their QB made an incredible scramble there at the end, and I have a lot of respect for Northwestern. They are a very good football team."

On the offense's play overall:
"Thad (Lewis) was in a rhythm and our receivers and backs made some great plays. That catch Eron Riley made down the sideline, I mean wow. Guys were making plays and finding a way to get it done. Our protection was better tonight, too. We made two sacks and Thad was not sacked, so we had better offensive line play."

Quarterback Thaddeus Lewis

On the feeling after breaking the losing streak:
"It is an adrenaline rush. You come out here and you play hard, and your defense plays hard for four quarters, so to see the clock go to 0:00 and you are the winners is a great feeling."

On watching the last Northwestern drive:
"You are sitting there like a little kid, like you are watching the game out in the stands. To see the defense swarming to the ball and to come through in the clutch like that, one thing we stress is to play for all four quarters, and those guys did that. I watched that last play, I couldn't close my eyes. Those guys came through for us."

On the offense clicking and getting 15-straight completions:
"One thing we emphasized was coming out and making plays. The last couple of weeks we have lacked that. Those guys put that burden on their shoulders, to come out and make plays and be aggressive. Coach called the plays aggressively, and we came out and made plays."

On spreading out the defense:
"The game plan was to come out and get to the edge, to utilize our speed. Coach stuck to his game plan and called the game accordingly."

On getting win number one in his career:
"Those guys are having fun and enjoying the moment right now, because tomorrow when we get back we have to start getting ready for Navy. I feel very good about this, and I'm going to enjoy the moment. I want there to be many more, so I'm going to get ready and get focused on Navy."

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