Tuesday Media Quotes

RB Requan Boyette, CB Glenn Williams, and Coach Roof met the media on Tuesday to discuss the game at Miami and this weekend's contest against defending conference champs, Wake Forest.

DURHAM, N.C. – Coach Ted Roof, junior running back Re'quan Boyette and junior cornerback Glenn Williams attended Duke's sixth weekly press conference Tuesday at the Yoh Football Center. The coach and players discussed Saturday's upcoming game against Wake Forest.

Head Coach Ted Roof

On the advantages of playing on the road:
"Sometimes when you play on the road there are less distractions; you don't have the amount of ticket requests, people coming to stay at your dorm or apartment. You just get on the bus, you land somewhere, you sit in a hotel then you go play football. At the same time, it's nice to get back home. We haven't won a home football game in a while. We've had a lot of people hang in there with us and it would be nice to get a win for our fans that have been so loyal."

On improvement:
"I think that we've gotten better each week. We've made a lot of improvements but we're not confusing improvement with being satisfied. We've come a long way; to go down and have a chance to win with under three minutes to go at the Orange Bowl compared to the last time we were down there, that's a big difference. But, we have to find a way to make one more play and get it done instead of just playing it close. We're not happy with close. At the same time, with a team that hasn't won, to make that step to find a way to do like we did at Northwestern and like we didn't do at Navy or Miami; if you just keep putting yourself in those situations, with the right leadership – which we have – things will eventually turn."

On Wake Forest:
"They've done a great job. Jim Grobe is a great football coach and when you play Wake Forest, you have to beat Wake because Wake isn't going to beat Wake. They're very solid and physical on both sides of the ball and on special teams, and like I said, they're going to play until the last play and you have to beat them because they're not going to beat themselves."

On Raphael Chestnut:
"He's out and that means that the Sheldon Bells, the Jeremy Ringfields and the Ryan Woods are going to have to step up and perform for us. Raphael was playing at a very high level. That's the unfortunate part of football but its part of being a team. We were hoping to get Ryan Radloff back but he's not ready either. We've had a bad run with injuries but that's the way it goes and the next guy has to step up and perform."

On Austin Kelly:
"He's a tough kid; he played 15 snaps against Miami and played well. He just keeps working and keeps going. He is going to be an awful good football player before he gets done here if he keeps doing what he's doing."

On what a win over Wake Forest would mean:
"It would say that we made a lot of progress. If we're able to beat Wake Forest, it means that we're able to beat a good football team, a team that is the defending ACC Champion. They're well-coached and they play hard. Any win right now is a great win; all wins are great wins. But, it would just be one football game then we'd have to get to the next one. It would be a huge step for us to beat Wake Forest."

Re'quan Boyette

On Duke's improvement in the rushing over the last two games:
"I really don't know what it was, but we've tried to focus on improvement and I think a lot of it was attitude. I'm not sure if we had too much pride but now we're all humbled and we know that we're a major part of this team so we just had to pick it up. That's just what happened over the past two weeks."

On what he has seen quarterback Thaddeus Lewis improve on since the first game of the season:
"He makes a lot of the reads more quickly. [Wide receiver] Eron [Riley] is a great threat downfield and Thad has a great deep ball and that's a big part of our team right now. That has opened it up for the run, and the run has also opened it up a lot for them to get down the field. Thad has improved a lot since last year and a lot since the first game, so I think he's more comfortable and he's able to just go out and make plays now."

On what kind of effect suffering two tough losses back-to-back has on the team's morale:
"Nothing's going to have a negative effect on us. We are always going to stay positive. We've lost two close games in which we could have won and almost had won in one of them. We just have to keep going out fighting every day and every week. Sooner or later it's going to turn around and hopefully it will be this week"

On how important it is to come away with a win over Wake Forest after the close loss to them in 2006:
"We played them well last year but it's a different year. Granted they are the defending ACC champions and that puts a lot more fire in our bellies. We just have to go out and play them. They're the next game on our schedule; it's not that their Wake Forest and we played them well last year. It just happens to be this week's game so that's what we're totally focused on."

Glenn Williams

On repeating the defensive efforts shown against Miami:
"I think it's a big challenge for the defense, but we're not really worried about Wake Forest right now. We're worried about Duke and what we can do, and I believe we can do the same thing."

On returning to Wallace Wade Stadium after four straight road games:
"It's always a big thing playing at home. We haven't won a home game in a long time, and it's our chance now."

On how closes losses against Navy and Miami affect the team:
"It doesn't have a negative effect. We feel as though we need to win the fourth quarter and sustain the strain. One day we're going to pull it out, hopefully this weekend."

On how to find success against Wake Forest:
"Stick to your assignments and play sound football."

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