Quotes: Duke vs. Virginia Tech

The Blue Devils met the media following their 43-14 loss to the Hokies on Saturday

Duke Head Coach Ted Roof

On today's game:
"We focused all week on trying to avoid the big miscues on special teams. You can't fumble kickoffs and you can't let them block your punts. They're good enough; we certainly don't need to give them anything. Those were big points and big plays in the ball game. We got behind and played on a short field because we didn't put the ball very well either. It's a field position game and that's what it came down to."

On field position:
"They tried to run it some today and we did a pretty good job with that but when they dropped back and threw it, their wide-outs made some plays. Nobody plays well on a short field consistently and today was an example of that."

On Virginia Tech's quarterback change:
"We had put a lot of things into trying to slow Tyrod Taylor down, but regardless of who the quarterback is you have to play good, sound defense and get off the field. On third down we did a lot better job this week and we stopped their one fourth-down attempt. There were too many long-pass plays. Sometimes it was lack of pressure and sometimes it was their guys making big plays and their quarterback making good throws. We have to take a hard look at things during the off week and figure out a way to correct them."

On the offense:
"We were trying to get the ball to our playmakers and we were trying to set up the run with pass. They were playing a coverage that took Eron [Riley] away. When that happens there are other areas that you have to probe into and make plays, and we didn't make enough of those today. On top of that, Virginia Tech is a good outfit with a very sound defense. We couldn't get into any consistent rhythm or sync consistently."

Vince Oghobaase

On today's game:
"We expected to come out firing which we didn't do. We knew they were a great team on special teams and we didn't match them on that, and they capitalized on opportunities in the game."

On the second half:
"We as a team have been stressing that we need to finish in the second half. Today we didn't finish – we didn't even start to be honest with you – and the better team won."

On being double-teamed:
"It's part of the game. I get double-teamed and triple-teamed sometimes. I just have to find a way to make the plays and get past it. I'm used to it now."

Re'quan Boyette

On today's game:
"Virginia Tech has a great defense. We just wanted to go out and attack them and do a lot of things early. It was hard for us to do that."

On the adjustments at halftime:
"At halftime we saw a lot of things that they were giving us. We wanted to go out and capitalize on those things. That's what we tried to do and we started to come around a little bit, but we had dug a hole too deep. Virginia Tech has a great defense and we had to jump on them early."

On preparing for Florida State:
"With the bye week, we still have to come out and practice hard, then we need to practice hard next week. Florida State is just as good as Virginia Tech. We're just looking to take it day by day."

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