Quotes: Blue-White Scrimmage

Several Blue Devils met the media following the annual Blue-White Scrimmage game in Cameron

Head Coach Mike Krzyzewski

Opening Statement: "We're really pleased with the effort. There was a high level of intensity out there tonight – the crowd was great. Our kids were really playing hard. We're just a much better basketball team than we were last year – a lot older, deeper and more athletic, so I was very pleased. There was a lot of intensity on the court."

On finding separation that he had been looking for from the first day of practice:
"Some, but not really. We're going to play this style – that's a 30-minute game and it's almost 70 points for each team. That tempo is going to produce more people playing and then we have to see how we're going to play that when we can keep fresh guys in. Our guys are in pretty good shape to play that without any subs. Having Greg [Paulus] and Nolan [Smith] at the point give us great depth – we should have somebody fresh there all the time. Our wings are really good. Marty [Pocius] is out, but you have Jon [Scheyer] and DeMarcus [Nelson] and G [Gerald Henderson]. Two fresh guys at least there and our front court, [Kyle] Singler's just so steady. [Brian] Zoubek is just under three weeks back after being out for two months. I thought he did a good job today. Lance [Thomas] is a different player. They're kind of different players. Taylor [King] had that great first half and he's capable of doing stuff like that if he gets in a mismatch. A lot of stuff to worry about the team, but a lot of good stuff. Dave [McClure] is not with us yet, and he'll be a real steady guy."

On the offense:
"We're going to take shots, and I thought we took a lot of good shots from three. I don't know what we were from three, but it ends up with guys being really unselfish and they know where their bale outs are. I'm pleased with how our guys have picked up our system. We're playing very well. Defensively, they are going after each other very hard."

On players healthy and playing above the rim:
"Yes, those two blocks by [Gerald] Henderson and DeMarcus [Nelson] are just big time plays, and guys are looking for each other on the break. It's just really good. It's a team that I'm really happy that our student body is really excited about. They've been terrific, our guys are terrific. The women's program--- it's just a good time. Today, having [Head Women's Basketball Coach] Joanne [P. McCallie] at the Game Day and to have the women's team there as well. All of that is really good, and we know it's happening. That's the kind of effort that it's going to take, and that's the kind of effort we've had over the years when we've been successful."

Kyle Singler

On trying to decide where to go to college:
"I just knew that it [Duke] was a good place and that it was the place I was meant to come, and I felt it. It was just a good fit for me and I just wanted to make this decision."

On whether he felt any pressure in the first half when Taylor King was hitting threes:
"Taylor definitely did well on his end, but you just have to keep playing the game. And sooner or later we will just play as a team."

On the alley-oop he received from Jon Scheyer:
"The pass definitely made the play, so he just hit me at the right spot. It was a good pass by Jon and I just did what I could with it."

Taylor King

On his first impression of a game in Cameron Indoor Stadium:
"It was fun. The crowd was definitely into it and I had a great time. I had a great time playing against my teammates. I think the crowd will get a little more excited now and definitely be our sixth man."

On what he attributes to having a great night offensively:
"My teammates getting me open. My teammates gave me great passes and they definitely helped me get open, and they just found me at the right spots. Without them, I wouldn't have had a great game. I think we played pretty well defensively. I mean, we could have blown the game wide open earlier, but we did what we could."

DeMarcus Nelson

On his general impression of the scrimmage:
"I think we see now what our team can look like for the year--- we have a lot of talented guys on the team with a lot of methods. Everyone played well and it was a good game. It was fun and exciting and I think we gave the fans what they wanted to see."

On the competitive nature that occurs when playing against his own team:
"It's very competitive. We all came to Duke from our collective high schools--- we're the best at what we did. So everyone comes in here and wants to win and that's what we teach here, to be the best we can collectively be. So we all want to win--- we come in here and play like we want to win, and everyone does the best they can."

On the up-tempo game that they played tonight:
"It creates a lot of possessions and mismatch problems, also a lot of floor balance and space. It gives guys room to create plays and reads based on how guys read the floor. It's a lot of fun and gives us a chance to shoot the ball a lot more. We got a lot of easy buckets doing it."

On what he thought of the younger players tonight:
"Nolan [Smith] played extremely well and Kyle [Singler] played well. All our of young guys can really play well--- they're not camera shy and they all played really well tonight, so that was good."

Gerald Henderson

On what the biggest difference is for him this season:
"I think the biggest thing is my conditioning. Last season I didn't have a preseason with my hurt ankle. Just me being on the same level of conditioning as the other guys this year--- I think that's been a big thing."

On the crowd's influence on his physical behavior:
"The crowd is great and Cameron is great. They give you a great amount of energy, but at the same time, you can tend to get tired a little more easily. I think it's important for the freshmen especially to balance that and use the crowd for motivation."

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