Devils In Touch With Top Jr. OL

Cole Bowers stayed close to home for camps this summer and one of those two trips ended up netting the junior offensive lineman his first offer from the Thundering Herd since September. Right now he is in the process of getting out to different schools and seeing what they offer on game day, but after the season he will be able to venture a bit further away from home to do so.

Cole Bowers, a 6-foot-5, 265-pound offensive tackle from Cabell Midland High School in Ona, W.Va., picked up his first scholarship offer from Marshall already and has been out to see games there and at West Virginia so far this season. Many other schools have been in contact with the lineman and he is just waiting for his schedule to open up to see more of what is out there.

"Right now I have the offer from Marshall and have been communicating with schools like West Virginia, Penn State, Maryland, Duke, Tennessee, Stanford and Purdue," Bowers said. "Duke sent me a letter earlier this year saying I can attend any of their games this season as long as I contact their office and I receive mail from the rest of the schools on a regular basis. Maryland invited me out to their game against Clemson as well, but I haven't spoken to the staff on the phone yet. I think it would be cool to take a visit there and meet with the coaches to see what they have to offer."

"I was at Marshall for their game against West Virginia and had a lot of fun. I talk to Coach (Phil) Ratliff every once in a while and like the coaching staff because they are good people and very laid back," Bowers explained. "When I was a sophomore I went and competed in their senior camp and was really impressed with the new weight room they put in."

"I went to West Virginia for the East Carolina game and it was really nice because right when I walked through the door all of the coaches approached me and shook my hand, making me feel welcome," Bowers stated. "I talked to their offensive line coach for about 15 minutes and then watched some film with him. After that I went into the locker room for pre-game to watch Coach (Rich Rodriguez) get them fired up and then went out to the stands to watch the game. I made the trip back to the locker room after the game and met with a lot of the players. They asked me back for more games this year and they are definitely a program that stands out to me because they are a great program and are very close to home."

We asked Bowers if any other of the programs are standing out right now.

"Penn State stands out right off the bat because they are such a great football program and have a rich history. The one thing you wonder about is how long Joe Paterno will be there though as he is obviously getting up there in age. Other then that I like all the schools, but need to learn some more about them."

Bowers reports a 335 max bench press, 465 max squat and 270-pound power clean. He also carries a 3.7 GPA in the classroom.

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