Quotes: Roof, Davis, Stefanow, & Rumsey

Head Coach Ted Roof, senior free safety Chris Davis, senior center Matt Rumsey and senior tight end Nick Stefanow attended Duke's tenth weekly press conference Tuesday at the Yoh Football Center. The coach and players discussed Saturday's upcoming game against Georgia Tech, which will be Duke's last home game of the 2007 season.

Head Coach Ted Roof

On playing against his alma mater [Georgia Tech]:
"It just adds familiarity. I think we've got six or seven kids that went to high school with a player on their team. When you play people you're going to see all the time, you want to win. There's no question who I want to win. It's an opportunity for our football program. I want to win for Duke; for our fans that have supported us, for our players, for our seniors and for our University. I want to win for Duke."

On what has changed in the culture of Duke Football:
"I'd rather just talk about now. Guys come here for a couple different reasons, but they come here to get the total package. It's not just the formal education you receive in the classroom, it's not just football, it's not just the experience of being a part of this University, but it's all of those things combined. Sometimes when you have invested a lot in something, it's tough to let go and our players are fully invested and fully committed. When you do that, you don't let go. They have persevered; they still have goals, hopes and aspirations. It's not like we just keep talking and there's nothing happening; there is progress that they can see and feel and hold on to. Our players aren't going to let go."

On Ryan Radloff: "Radloff played 15 snaps and did well. He can really help and it was good to have him out there. At the start of the season we thought he might have been our best pass rusher, but when you take seven or eight weeks off because of an injury you get a little rusty. At the same time, he'll be better this week and it's good to have him back. He should be able to play more at a spot where we lost Pat Bailey. It will be good to have him play more this week."

On the senior class:
"I'm disappointed, for them, that they haven't won more football games, but at the same time, the value that they've added to this football program is not going to be underestimated by any of us. We all realize what this class has done in the locker room and things like that that are so important in building a football program. We would like nothing better than to send them out of Wallace Wade the right way, for them and for a lot of people."

On Georgia Tech:
"They run the ball very well. They don't give up sacks; they're leading the league in the least number of sacks allowed. They possess the football so they keep the sticks moving. They make you stop the run and they try and hit you with boots and screens and throw it deep. They'll take some deep shots. Defensively, they bring pressure about three-fourths of the time. They make plays against everybody but we're going to have to keep our poise and not become unraveled."

Chris Davis

On what Duke has to do for him to consider the final stretch a success:
"Win out. Win all three and let the seniors leave on a good note. We just want to start something for next year."

On the ideal way for him and his classmates to close out their career at Wallace Wade Stadium:
"Definitely with a win. It's against Georgia Tech and I'm a Georgia guy. We've got a lot of Georgia guys on the team too, so that would give us some bragging rights when we go home. Also, it's the last game for the seniors in Wallace Wade, so you definitely want to go out with a win. You want that last memory at home to be a win."

On what he hopes to accomplish in his final home game:
"Nothing specific, just really try to do what I've been doing. Lead the team and try to make plays when plays are needed."

On how Georgia Tech has been so successful in the running game, and what Duke has to do to stop them:
"They motion around a lot before the play and try to get the defense to run around a little bit. They block real well and use the fullback a lot. We're just going to try and keep everyone on a certain side and not let them outflank us. We want to get in the backfield before Tashard Choice can start running."

Matt Rumsey

On what Duke has to do to consider this final stretch a success:
"We're not really trying to look at it as a stretch run right now--- we're focusing one game at a time. At this point we've got Georgia Tech come Saturday and we're not worried about those last two weeks of the season. It's a one-game thing for us right now so all of our time and effort is being focused on this weekend and preparing for Georgia Tech."

On what an ideal way for he and his senior classmates to go out in their final home game would be:
"Obviously it would be to win. That's what we're preparing for and that's what we're going to be ready to do. It's just going to be a matter of going out there and not letting the emotion of it being our last home game get to be too much. We need to make sure that we're focused on playing the game and executing well and going out they're and doing what we're supposed to do."

On what the offense needs to do to find success against Georgia Tech's defense:
"It doesn't really change from week to week. It's still a matter of going out there and executing plays that are called... making sure that as an offensive line we're picking up blitzes and stunts as they come and we're not allowing Thad to get pressured. We just have to go out and execute--- really that's as simple as it is."

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