Butler Enjoys Great Senior Year

Westside CB/WR/QB Lee Butler talks about his senior season, recruitment, the playoffs, and making the Shrine Bowl team. Come inside and learn the very latest about Butler as he prepares to lead his team into the AAAA playoffs this Friday vs North Augusta.

For Lee Butler his senior season has been a great one. Aside from 2 losses on his Westside team's record things couldn't be better for the 2008 standout. We caught up with Butler for an exclusive update and he talked in depth about his year so far, his selection to the Shrine Bowl team, and spend some time at QB to shake things up.

Butler is still committed to Duke but that hasn't stopped the continuous barrage of other schools from still recruiting him. With an abundance of speed and playmaking ability it's easy to see why he's so highly coveted. "Georgia Tech has contacted me a lot here lately along with a lot of other schools from the southern region." Butler said.

The Westside senior just continues about his business on the field and in the classroom where he also excels. Asked about his senior season he replied, "My senior season has been by far my best season. I've taken the leadership role, and really have been leading my team no matter where I was playing at from defense to the offense side of the ball. This year by far has been the most exciting year of my high school career."

Part of those leadership skills occurred when he was asked to play quarterback to help the team. For Butler it came together pretty fast. "I knew it was going to be different and there was going to be a lot to learn in a very short amount of time. My running ability though made it easy, because I was a running back until last year in the middle of the season, I already knew how to run the ball. Also being at QB I got a chance to really use my athletic ability. I have been improving on my passing over the pass couple of weeks too, so now I'm a very confident quarterback as well."

The move came after Westside had lost two games and we asked Butler if the move helped to reenergize the team. "I think it did, I enjoy touching the ball every play, teams were having a hard time just stopping Westside's all-time leading rusher RB Montez Hatten. Now that they have to key on me too, teams are having a hard time. Our offense is now controlling the game clock keeping our defense off the field so much which hurt us in our two losses."

The Rams are coming off a second victory over archrivals T.L. Hanna and for Butler it was a great feeling to defeat them after losing two games to them last year. "It was wonderful i wanted to come out of my senior year knowing and being able to say I beat T.L. Hanna twice. It's just a great feeling."

The first round of the AAAA playoffs start this Friday and Butler says he and his teammates are looking forward to Friday's action versus North Augusta. "I'm taking a winning mentality with me, I know another high school game is not guaranteed which hurts for me to know that and I expect me and my team to go through the playoffs looking at one goal and that's winning state. We have to win one game at a time, win one series at a time, even one play at a time."

Butler was also recently selected to this year's South Carolina Shrine Bowl team. It stirred up quite a bit of emotions for the star from Westside when asked about it. "Making the Shrine Bowl team was a dream come true. I had always wandered would I make even one of the all star games, but making the Shrine Bowl was just a great achievement in my life."

With so many college coaches in attendance there are often players who earn offers through their performance during practices. Butler is already committed to Duke but he says that won't affect his practice habits. "I'm looking to impress everyone that is there, and maybe impress them enough to where they will say I have to have this guy." With his outlook on things it's easy to see why Lee Butler is such a joy to coach and will continue to succeed in all phases of his future.

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