Quotes: Duke v. NC Central

Coach K, Taylor King, Nolan Smith, Jon Scheyer and Kyle Singler met the media after the win

Head Coach Mike Krzyzewski

On his impressions of the season opener against N.C. Central: "Our guys played really hard and very unselfishly. I thought N.C. Central played really hard too. We have more depth, height and talent, but we didn't necessarily have more heart than they did. They played hard the whole time and kept trapping. Really, it's an honor for us to be in this game with them, for their first game in Division I. I can't say enough about the great relationship that North Carolina Central and Duke have had. The best thing was after the game and us being able to take a picture together."

On the areas that Duke needs to improve:
"We get broken down a little bit on the dribble. Each of the teams we've faced, we're bigger, more talented and deeper than them, so we just have to work on everything. We're playing a team Monday night that's very athletic and big and won 25 games last year and is picked to win their conference. After that game, I'll tell you a little bit more."

On the shooting of freshman Taylor King, who was 5-for-7 from three-point range:
"For him, the distance isn't the main thing, it's what pressure and whether his feet are set. Today, I thought each shot he took was really good and he passed up on two good ones to give his teammate two great ones."

On the way Duke shared the ball against N.C. Central:
"I like the way we shared the ball tonight. For me, the best thing in basketball is the pass. That's the beauty of our game, is the pass. When you connect on a play, whether it's on a break or in half-court, when you get some really good passing – not necessarily fancy – you don't know who scored. I love that part of the game."

On what Duke's three freshmen contribute:
"The main thing that our freshmen bring is depth. They're three really good players and they're ready to play at this level. They can be good players right now. They should bring energy. If a freshman is on any team, they should bring energy and enthusiasm. If they don't, then they're not fulfilling a role."

Taylor King

On his shooting performance:
"My teammates got me open a lot. We just moved the ball well today. I just got open shots and knocked them down. Jon [Scheyer] and I really worked with each other before the game on making shots because we knew they were going to fly out at us and we definitely just need to make shots."

On Duke playing as almost two units in the game:
"Coach [Mike Krzyzewski] puts a lot of lineups in the game. It doesn't matter what way you're in, we just try to go in and contribute as much as possible. Whatever group is out there... (There are) a lot of different combinations of four guards and one big and sometimes three big guys. Whatever lineup he [Krzyzewski] puts out there, and again, we're just trying to contribute."

Nolan Smith

On whether the team accomplished what they wanted to in its first game:
"We definitely accomplished what we wanted. Tonight our main goal was just to come out and play 40 minutes. I feel like we did that the first half. We came out with a lot of enthusiasm, playing with emotion and that's what Coach wanted. So in the second half we maintained that as a team."

On whether his first game was everything he thought it would be:
"I feel like the team took it to another level. The exhibition games were fun, the fans were crazy but it feels like the whole arena took it to another level tonight being the first real game. It was very exciting."

Jon Scheyer

On Taylor King's game:
"It's pretty much unlimited. I think it kind of messes with him because he knows he can make shots from so far out. Sometimes I think he's going to pull up from half court which obviously isn't what we need, but that's how well he can shoot it. Taylor's always trying to make plays, whether it's scoring or not. He's always trying to make plays when he gets in there and that's something he does a great job of. He's not afraid to do things."

On this year's freshmen playing with a lot of energy versus last year's team kind of running out of gas at the end of the season:
"I think with guys not playing as many minutes it will be helpful as far as not wearing out at the end of the year. The freshmen – they're always joking around and bringing a lot of energy to us. They're funny guys. On the court they're all really athletic and they can all run – that's a strength of all of their games so that's what it brings to our team."

Kyle Singler

On his first regular season game:
"Definitely I was excited. The crowd was great. Our team had a lot of enthusiasm--- we played well as a team. We shared the ball... I don't want to say we played as well as we can because we can fix some things--- we came out ready to play and you have to like the outcome when you win like that."

On shooting the three-pointer better than they had in the exhibition games:
"A little combination of making the extra pass, taking good shots, but other than that we were playing with a lot of confidence. Tonight we feel like we were playing more as a unit and we were knew we were taking "the Duke shot." When we do that our percentages just go up. From top to bottom everyone played well tonight."

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