Tuesday Media Quotes

Head Coach Ted Roof, senior free safety Chris Davis and junior left tackle Cameron Goldberg attended Duke's weekly press conference Tuesday at the Yoh Football Center. The coach and players discussed Saturday's upcoming game against Notre Dame, which will be broadcast nationally on NBC at 2:30 p.m.

Head Coach Ted Roof

On playing at a historic program like Notre Dame:
"We're playing at a program with a rich tradition and I want our guys to get excited about that and the opportunity to play on national television. At the same time, [I want them to] focus on playing with great effort, doing their assignments and getting after it after they're lined up, not on what's happened at Notre Dame in the past. We certainly have a lot of respect for their program, but I don't want their past history and tradition to make any tackles or score any touchdowns. I want us to stay in the now and stay in the moment."

On the running backs' health situation:
"It's getting better. Justin Boyle practiced for the first time today. Ronnie Drummer practiced as well. It's looking like we might get both of those guys back."

On Notre Dame:
"They're very talented and for whatever reason, it just hasn't gone their way. They play extremely hard and they're talented. They're well-coached. I guess it's just one of those years."

On Saturday's game with Notre Dame:
"I go into every game – and I think our players do, too – believing that we're going to win. Sometimes that happens and sometimes it doesn't. It's the next team and it's an opportunity for us to play on national television and to showcase Duke football. It's great exposure for our program. It's a game that if we were to play well and win, it could do a lot of good things and really help us. Also, when you play in a league and you go out league, you want to represent your conference well."

On Duke's veteran offensive line:
"They are experienced and I think that will come in good when you go to places with atmospheres like we're going to be in on Saturday at Notre Dame. I think experience helps in those situations."

On how [offensive coordinator] Coach [Peter] Vaas' experience at Notre Dame will help Duke:
"Studying tape, you get a feel for personnel. When you coach kids every day of the year and you're around them; I think that he can help us with some insight on personnel. Any time you've been on a staff, you know your team's personnel. I'm hoping that gives us some insight."

Chris Davis

On what Notre Dame's offense does well and what Duke has to do to stop them:
"They like to use a lot of the guys and try to get the ball in their playmakers' hands. They use their tight ends a lot. Really we just have to stay focused--- you know it's a young quarterback so we'll watch out for a lot of trick plays and try to get some good field position. We just have to really pay attention to our keys and play defense like we normally play."

On Notre Dame's two quarterback offense having an effect on the way Duke prepares:
"It's not like one of them is a running quarterback and one is a passing quarterback. Both of them are good quarterbacks with good arms. We'll be preparing the same way for both of them."

On the history of the Notre Dame program and its historic stadium:
"We're very aware of the history - Touchdown Jesus, the big stadium, the College Football Hall of Fame. I'm excited to go see it. Coach Roof is going to let us get there kind of early so we can get the distractions out of the way. I'm sure after meetings on Friday night we'll be very focused on the game."

On the team's attitude about playing in front of a national television audience:
"I would say it's more of a motivating factor. Everybody knows that there's an eye watching them. Guys want to make big plays so they can go brag to their friends. They want to get the calls after the game saying ‘Hey, I saw you, good play,' so I definitely think it's a motivating factor."

Cameron Goldberg

On what the offense has improved on since the season opener against UConn:
"I think we've really improved on our communication as an offense and the execution of our plays. Those two things were a little bit of an issue earlier, and we've really worked hard to fix it. We've done really well with that these past couple of weeks."

On what the offensive line has done to come together as a unit:
"I think watching a lot of film lately and working extra hard in practice has helped a lot."

On his feeling about playing at Notre Dame this Saturday:
"I'm really excited to play any game to be honest. Any opportunity to play football is fun to me. This should be pretty fun though. They've got a nice tradition down there, and I'm pretty excited to play these guys. It'll be fun."

On how having the game nationally televised has affected the team:
"I don't really think it's affecting us either way, either as a distraction or a motivating factor. We know in the back of our mind that it's going to be televised, but we've been on TV before. I don't think it really ever affects us. We just go out there and play."

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