Quotes: Duke vs. Notre Dame

Head coach Ted Roof and several of his players met the media after their loss to Notre Dame

Duke Coach Ted Roof

"This is a frustrating and disappointing loss. The turnovers were huge like they always are, and our performance on third down - I thought those were the two most critical factors in the game."

On The Atmosphere At Notre Dame
"Notre Dame is a great atmosphere for college football. The fans are very supportive, that's certainly no surprise."

On Giving Up Two Touchdowns Right Before Halftime
"We were trying to run out the clock. We checked to a pass and fumbled and they were able to get it. If we were going to fight our way back, we needed a better performance than we had in the first half anyway. It was doable, but we didn't get it done.

On The Weather
"The weather was the same for both teams. We slipped some, they slipped some. I'm certainly not going to blame the weather."

On Notre Dame RB Robert Hughes
"I thought he ran really hard. He ran well. At that point in the game, they had run several more plays than we had and our defense had been on the field too long. Offensively, we had not been on the field long enough. But I was impressed with him, and thought he ran hard and added some punch to their offense."

On Playing On National Television
"It's disappointing to play that way in a showcase game. It's 0-0 and they get 14 points in the last minute of the first half. You're talking about a one play game that could go either way and then after that happened it just kind of snowballed for the rest of the half. It was certainly a great opportunity for our program that didn't work out."

Sophomore DT Vince Oghobaase

On whether the weather had an impact on the number of missed tackles
"Most definitely. The field was quite affecting the game I would say. I'm not used to playing on a muddy field like that, but we knew coming to the game that it would be muddy and we would have to adjust, and we can't blame the field for that."

On the emotional reaction to the two quick ND scores at the end of the half
"Any time you have two scores like that in a certain amount of time, it's like a dagger, but we knew we had to come back out and fight. And we tried to fight back, but it just wasn't going our way."

On whether or not Notre Dame QB Jimmy Clausen took them by surprise today
"I mean, we've seen him on the field and we knew how to prepare for him and whatnot, but he just came out today and executed as a quarterback. He's the first quarterback, and he did pretty well today. That's our fault as a defense by not taking charge of him. He capitalized on our mistakes and made great big plays down the field for Notre Dame."

On the frustration of allowing Notre Dame third-down conversions
"We, as a team, have been having problems with getting them off the field on third down the whole season and we knew that in this game it was going to be a big factor in being successful. They converted and we went down the field which wasn't good for our blocker. We didn't get the ball back for our offense."

On the disappointment of the loss
"It's very, very disappointing. We didn't expect the outcome to be like this at all. Notre Dame came out to play and we didn't -- point blank."

On whether or not there was anything to the Notre Dame hype
"No, we didn't play into the Notre Dame hype, Notre Dame this, Notre Dame that. We played Notre Dame and that's all it was. They came out to play and we didn't. They won the game."

"In a nutshell, (it was) big plays on defense, lack of offensive production, not getting the offense the ball on the short field, and the defense not covering kicks very well with our special teams. It was mix of a lot of things, but the big thing was really the execution that we've been stressing all season long."

Sophomore QB Thaddeus Lewis

On the ofensive plan entering the game
"We were definitely trying to go deep, establish the passing game and take advantage of what they were going to give us. We had some success running the football so we tried to mix it up, but they just played harder."

On the opportunity to beat Notre Dame
"We just look at it as another game. We're just trying to get a win against anyone we can. People hyped the game up more than what it was. It was basically just another game for us, and Notre Dame came out and out-played us today."

On Matching up with Notre Dame
"We feel like we can match up athletically with anyone. This is Division I football where everyone gets recruited and they just came out and wanted it more today."

Junior WR Eron Riley

On Getting The Passing Game Going
"Going downfield has been one of our strengths this year and we came in trying to do that, but we couldn't get it established as much as we wanted to. We feel like our receivers can match up with any team in the country."

On Notre Dame's Late First Half Touchdowns
"It was a 0-0 game at that point and those two touchdowns hurt a lot. We made a mistake that we can't make."

On Playing at Notre Dame
"You try to put the history and all that out of the way and just try and play the game. They just got the better of us today."

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