Duke Making An Impression On Elite 09 Guard

After solidifying the wing guard position with the commitment of Elliot Williams in the class of 2008, the Blue Devils have identified the top choice for the point guard position in the form of Florida's Kenny Boynton. The 6'2 prospect spoke with TDD this week to update his recruiting process.

"Right now I'm hearing from a lot of big time schools," said Plantation (Fla.) point guard prospect Kenny Boynton. "Recently I've talked to the coaches from Duke, Louisville, Georgia Tech, and Texas. I've also got schools like Connecticut, Miami, Villanova, Wake Forest, and Ohio State recruiting me. I'm at the point where I'm listening to everyone and starting to get an idea of where each school is with everything."

Widely considered one of the top backcourt scoring guards in the country, Boynton is no stranger to comparisons either by recruiting analysts or college coaches. And while his preferred comparison is to Denver's Allen Iverson, Boynton also appreciates the memories his game stirs up.

"I hear a lot of difference comparisons depending on which coaches I'm talking to. The one I really like is Jason Williams of Duke. The way he came into Duke and developed into the player he was is something I'd like to do. When I talk to Texas they talk a lot about Daniel Gibson, and Georgia Tech's coaches talk a lot about Jarret Jack. I can sort of see how those comparisons fit as well."

Not only has Boynton been compared to the former Duke great, he's had a chance to spend time talking with Williams.

"I've had a chance to really talk with him. He talked to me about what it takes to be a successful player and that I need to keep working on my game; to never be satisfied with anything. From someone who accomplished what he has, that means a lot. One big difference between he and I is the physicality he had in college. He played around 195lbs, right now I'm in the mid 170s. I am working to get stronger. I don't want to get too big, but I need to be strong enough to absorb contact and keep bigger players off me."

Like Williams, the first thing most recruiting analysts touch on is Boynton's ability to either power or dash by defenders and get to the rim. However, there's also an ability to run a team as a traditional point guard - something that continues to be a point of emphasis in daily practice and development.

"I played shooting guard for a while, but want to be a scoring point guard. I am fine with sacrificing my shots if it means getting my teammates involved, but when the end of the game comes I am not afraid to take the big shot. The biggest thing I've had to learn as a point guard is patience and shot selection. Sometimes when you come down the court and a lane opens up, you want to take that quick shot."

Apparently, shot selection will be left to Boynton's discretion at any of the schools appearing on his list.

"All the coaches are telling me that I'll be a big part of the offense. At Duke they are telling me that I'll be able to come in and run the team the same way Jason did. The way he came in and was an instant impact player is how Coach K sees me winding up -- a point guard who has the ball in his hands and doesn't lose any scoring. At Texas they are telling me if I come in it'll be like Durant with as many shots as I can take."

Currently rated as the nation's #10 overall prospect by Scout.com, Boynton says he's in no rush to make a college decision, but is looking forward to taking more steps in that direction.

"Right now I'm talking with a few schools about taking some visits before the spring gets here. I'm focused on improving my high school team first, but I am also looking to get up and see some schools more closely."

And what are three factors that will most likely direct Boynton to a final decision?

"I think the first thing will be the relationship I have with the coach. I want to play for a guy I can really respect and who will challenge me to improve. That kind of relationship is really big with me. I'll also be looking to see who is coming in before me and what my chances to play as a freshman are. The final thing is probably the environment of the school and the community around it."

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