Introducing Sean Sylvia

Sean Sylvia made the switch on offense from wide receiver to quarterback for his junior season and led the Dartmouth Indians to an 11-2 record and appearance in the Division I Massachusetts State Championship game this season. While Sylvia has excelled at both of those positions at the high school level, it is the defensive side of the ball that he'll probably see most in college.

Sean Sylvia finished his junior year at quarterback passing for 797 yards and 13 touchdowns and used his speed and athleticism to pick up 830 yards and 10 touchdowns on the ground as well for Dartmouth High School. The 6-foot, 185-pound athlete will most likely be playing safety in college however, a position that he has amassed 147 tackles and 11 interceptions at over the past two seasons.

"Right now I am hearing from Duke, Boston College, Connecticut, Purdue and Syracuse in recruiting," Sylvia stated. "I already visited Duke for their game against Virginia Tech and liked everything about it there. The campus was absolutely beautiful and they are putting in brand new facilities."

"I plan on visiting Syracuse and Connecticut soon too as they are both closer to home then Purdue is," Sylvia explained. "I like Connecticut on offense and defense and think they are a well-coached team that obviously just had a great year. One thing that stands out to me about Syracuse is that they play in a dome which I think would be really cool."

As a sophomore, Sylvia played wide receiver on offense, catching 37 passes for 511 yards and nine touchdowns. He also made 69 tackles and six interceptions on the defensive side of the ball.

He can bench press 185 pounds nine times and has a max squat of 415 pounds. He takes some honors classes and has a 2.5 core GPA.

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