Daniels Recounts Visit; Updates Recruiting

In the midst of the Duke coaching search, the Blue Devil coaching staff managed to host a recruiting weekend last week that included the Devils' top senior commit, Matt Daniels. Earlier this week Daniels spoke to TDD about his time in Durham and updated his recruiting process.

"It was a great weekend for everyone," said Fayette County safety and Duke commit Matt Daniels of his visit to Durham. "All the guys who were there really got to know each other really well and we confirmed that we're all going to be at Duke in a few months."

Ever since he committed, Daniels has continually been one of the most outspoken of all the future Blue Devils - usually serving as the de-facto mouthpiece for the class of 2008. That trend continued this week as Daniels elaborated on why each of the nine commits will enroll in June.

"There is no doubt that all of us will be at Duke next year. I know people question some of the commits, but I promise that all of the guys this week will be at Duke next year. We're all ready. For instance, people thought Randez James was having second thoughts, but this week Randez was right there with me making sure everyone was sure."

"Randez was going from guy to guy asking 'you're coming, right'. He's excited about being a Blue Devil enough to where he was talking with Eron Riley, telling him he'd better be ready next year because Eron isn't going to get any lanes against him in practice."

In addition to playing the part of recruiter, Daniels had a chance to sit down and be recruited as well. After dinner with the weekend's hosting coaches as well as President Dick Broadhead and Athletics Director Joe Alleva, Daniels had a chance to attend the Duke-Michigan basketball game that included a meeting with Coach K. Unfortunately the meeting hit a bit of a snag.

"I froze up when I met him. I was going to ask for an autograph, but when I got to him I just froze. I guess I'll have to be a little bit more prepared next time. Still, it was really cool to meet him."

In addition to his recruiting weekend, Daniels provided an update to the recent reports that other schools - namely arch-rival North Carolina - had upped their recruiting of him after Duke announced the firing of former coach Ted Roof.

"Yeah, North Carolina was on me pretty good for a while, but I think they've realized that I'm serious when I told them I was committed to Duke and that wasn't changing. I haven't heard from them in a while, which is fine because I'm going to be at Duke."

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