Quotes: Duke v. Albany

Coach K and several players met the media following their 41 point victory over Albany on Monday evening.

Duke Head Coach Mike Krzyzewski

Opening Statement:
"I thought our kids played well. Coach [Will] Brown is a good coach and he's got a good program there. They run good stuff and they do a good job of fighting to get passes. They were adamant about running their offense and I thought they did a good job. For us, I think the effort was really good. We obviously shot well. I thought it was a physical game and when you're away from that for a little over a week, you forget about that. I think it affects you a little bit on the free throw line, too. I thought Albany played hard the whole game they made it difficult for us to defend them. We just got those run and when you hit 15-of-26 threes, life is good. We miss Lance [Thomas]; he's still very questionable for the game against Pitt but he's coming along. He's been an important guy for us."

On Duke's defense:
"Overall, it wasn't bad. When you have exams, you don't talk to anybody. It's you against that exam or project. So, talk wasn't very good tonight. There is also a sense of relief when exams are over. We need to talk a lot better when we play Pitt."

On DeMarcus Nelson:
"I thought DeMarcus played very, very well, but he has been. He's been our most consistent excellent player. He goes below the radar because this freshman did this, or this guy is doing that, which is good because those guys should get credit. DeMarcus has been the solid one. I liked the fact that he kept going to the bucket even after he was missing free throws. In the past, he wouldn't do that; he would settle. He stayed aggressive and I think he hit his last four or five in a row. He had 23 points on seven shots; that's pretty good."

On increased playing time for David McClure and Brian Zoubek:
"At the beginning, I thought we were all feeling out the game because you haven't played in a while. We had nine guys with about 20 or more minutes; we got a lot out of this game in that regard and with Dave and Brian. It was good to see them play extended minutes. Dave started for us last year; I'm not saying he's going to start but to get him back and have an older, experienced player in there is going to help us."

On Lance Thomas:
"He will not play if he's not ready. We have a big break after [the Pitt game]. He's a good player. The Pitt game is a huge game for us but it's a long season. I don't think he'll practice tomorrow but I think we'll have a better feel for if he'll get some minutes. If he's able to play, I'll start him. The changes we made tonight were not a matter of Lance not playing well."

Senior DeMarcus Nelson

On the game:
"We wanted to make sure we came out here and played to our standards. Obviously we feel like we still could've done some things better defensively, rebounding, and on the free throw line. But offensively I think we executed really well. It just comes from a great week of practice. We really looked at all of our sets and we tried to break down each set and execute each set. And we executed well today."

On his play tonight:
"I was just playing in the flow of the game. My teammates were looking for me and I just took shots with confidence and just tried to be aggressive offensively and defensively. I tried to create some offense defensively and just play in the flow of the game."

On the upcoming matchup with Pittsburgh:
"The game itself is a really big time game and that's something we really look forward to and something that we always try to do at this time every year - try to get a big game in the Garden and sell it out, which we did. It's going to be a very intense game. Pittsburgh is a really good team."

"This is going to be a big test for us. These are Final Four and Elite Eight type of games that Coach [Mike Krzyzewski] loves to schedule. It's going to be a great opportunity for us to go out there at a neutral site, in prime time, and compete at the highest level. That's something that everyone in this locker room is going to embrace."

Sophomore Brian Zoubek

"[In the first half] I think I just got out of my game a little bit, but I was able to get back into the flow in the second half. The guys kept confidence in me and kept giving me the ball and I was appreciative of that."

"Just once you throw yourself into the game - I might've been worried about points, I might've been worried about something in the first half - but once you just completely forget about that and not worry about it, things will just come to you and the game will come to you. That's what happened in the second half."

"I had a couple of bad plays in the first half, struggled a little bit and got out of my game. I was able to get back into the flow in the second half. I made a couple of plays and they led to more plays and points. I just can't worry about my performance in the first half because once the first half is over you just have to start over."

On the improvement in his play of late:
"The guys are getting used to me getting a lot more confident and a lot stronger with the ball and playing a lot more active role in the offense. I think that's the main thing - our team's been working on getting me the ball because I'm more confident."

Sophomore Jon Scheyer

"There are a bunch of things we need to improve on - our free throw shooting obviously. I think Thursday [against Pittsburgh in New York] we'll do a better job of that. We'll get a bunch of free throws in over the next couple of days. And then defensively, we need to be more physical and really just stop teams. That's something tonight – we didn't stop them. They got what they wanted here and there, but come Thursday we really need to do a better job defensively."

On Duke's style of play:
"I think it's a different style of play and I think it's a fun way to play if we do it the right way. At times we can get really good looks, having the big guys who can shoot. That's a strength for our team, so that's something we need to keep doing and continue to share the ball."

"We can't be just a three-point-shooting team. We're not going to win tough games doing that, so a big focus for us has been driving the ball and getting other looks besides threes."

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