Video Interview: Tyrelle Pryor

SAN ANTONIO, Texas – As the weeks wind down and we get closer to signing day it seems that hundreds of thousands of fans are hanging on every word that Terrelle Pryor says and everything he does. It also seems that Pryor has flipped the script and started riling up the fans and his fellow recruits.

Jeannette (Pa.) quarterback Terrelle Pryor knows that a lot of college football fans want to find out where he is going to end up. Pryor, has taken a more pro-active approach at trying to throw fans as many curveballs as he can. Pryor threw everyone an "Efis" pitch on Sunday when he showed up in San Antonio wearing a Michigan sweatshirt. We spoke with Pryor about the shirt and to get the latest on his recruitment.

ScoutTV: USAAB Terrelle Pryor Video Interview

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