Quotes: Duke v. Virginia

The Blue Devils met the media following their victory over Virginia on Sunday night in Cameron

Duke Head Coach Mike Krzyzewski
On his overall impression the game:
"We played with a lot of energy and the crowd was great tonight. The students were unbelievable. I was worried about it being Sunday night at 8 o'clock, but they showed up and they were great. It was like an old-fashioned Cameron game tonight. We hustled and shared the ball well. We had a lot of assists and played real hard tonight. We played real well together and that we nice to see."

On defending the Cavaliers, led by guard Sean Singletary:
"They have good depth and Singletary...he's just Singletary. He's such a good guard, so you've got constant attention on him. You just hope to hold him to a reasonable number, and 18 was fine. That kid can play. One of the main things is not putting him on the (foul) line. We did ok with him. No one's going to do an unbelievable job with him because he's just good. But you try not to foul him because he'll get seven, eight or even 10 free throws. He'll get that many in the game because he's so good with the ball. He doesn't give anybody shots when he's doing that, so you've go to stay home as much as possible on (Adrian) Joseph and Mamadi Diani. Overall we did a pretty good job of doing that."

On what he thought of the play of Lance Thomas, who was questionable entering the game:
"I didn't know what I was looking for with Lance. I thought he played well. I was worried about him playing two minutes and not being able to play more, but he seemed strong. He and Dave only scored one point between them, but they had 11 rebounds. If that position can get us 11 rebounds in a game, that's a pretty good guy. I'd draft him. If you can get a couple guys doing what one bigger guy might be able to do ... they fit that role really well tonight. If they keep doing that, they'll keep getting better because they've both had some interruptions in their seasons so far."

On matching up with Virginia's rebounding ability:
"They've been rebounding the heck out of the ball. In the first half I thought they got some offensive boards, but overall, we held our own against them. It was about even, so that was pretty good for us. That's been a thing for Virginia, the fact that they've been out-rebounding people by a lot."

On starting off ACC play with tonight's performance:
"I thought we did not have one guy who didn't play hard and pretty well. That's really the first game that that's happened. That's good to start in the ACC that way. We know we've got a quick turnaround with Florida State and then we come right back and play Clemson, but this is a really good start for us."
Senior DeMarcus Nelson
"They're a really good team and we have to give them credit. They played hard tonight. It was just a game where our whole team came out collectively and played well."

On the first game of the ACC regular season:
"It was very emotional. There was a lot of energy in the building. It was the first ACC home game, and I think our crowd really did a great job with that. Our crowd was tremendous tonight from start to finish and really gave us a big lift."

On defending Sean Singletary:
"When you're guarding him you just have to try to make him take tough shots. He's really quick, he's strong, he can get his shot off and he's really aggressive going to the basket with his right hand. And also with the ball screens they run for him, he can shoot behind the ball screens. So you just have to know his tendencies. You have to know that he tries to drive hard right and pull up. He shoots his jump shot going left. You just have to make him take tough shots."

"Rebounding was a key. We knew that they were a three-point-shooting team, especially in transition. So we knew that they were going to take a lot of threes, and our job was to rebound those long misses when they did occur and then push it. We knew that their defensive balance was going to bad when they were taking perimeter shots. That was our key emphasis – just to rebound and then run."

Sophomore Jon Scheyer
"Florida State is really good team, we know that, especially great playing in their place. They beat us last year, so in my career I'm 0-1 against them, so I really want to go down there and have a great game and make sure we get a win."

On the start to his second ACC regular season:
"I think that experience last year is going to help us a lot. I feel like we're a more mature basketball team. When we get a great win like this we need to build on it, and we can't have any letdowns. That's where we need to be really sharp."

Sophomore Gerald Henderson
"Everyone was out there playing really hard today. It was a great win for us. Coach [Mike Krzyzewski] has always said all season that in different games different guys have played well, but we haven't had one where everyone's played well and everyone is really on the same exact page. But this game was one of those games."

"We were really active on defense. Guys were in the passing lanes, pressuring the ball, and really imposing our will on them. We didn't shoot the ball crazy well tonight. We hit shots at times but our defense was really what pushed us throughout the game."

"This is the way we need to play. We're not going to play every game like we did tonight, but we're going to go out and try to. We're going to make more shots – that's going to happen – but our defense is something that can be constant."

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