Plumlee: "Everything Has Changed"

Nearly two weeks ago we introduced our subscribers to in-state power forward Mason Plumlee - a highly sought after prospect who Duke was just getting involved with. At that time the 6-foot-11 big forward wasn't looking towards a decision any time soon. Fast forward to a courtside view of the Duke-Maryland game and the four star player admits "things have changed".

"Absolutely awesome," said Mason Plumlee of his visit to Duke on Wednesday. "I had never really been to Duke before, and this visit was just amazing. I'm blown away."

In addition to watching the Blue Devils dispatch the Terrapins by 12 on national television, Plumlee had a chance to visit several Duke landmarks after arriving in Durham at 4:30 EST.

"When I got here I had a chance to see Duke Chapel, Cameron, and the new practice facility. That place is like nothing I've ever seen. The courts are great - they've got video cameras for practice built into the walls; the weight room is the best I've ever seen. Everything they have there is state of the art and there's nothing that didn't stand out to me and make me go 'wow'."

After the tour, Plumlee was escorted by the Duke coaches to Cameron for a chance to sit behind the Duke bench throughout the night. Again, he came away impressed.

"I had only been to Cameron to play in AAU games, and there really wasn't anyone there. But tonight it was simply awesome. It's like playing in another world when that place is filled up. I don't know how players couldn't be fired up. We got to sit right behind the bench and you could hear everything Coach K said and how the players reacted to him. It's easy to see why he's in the hall of fame."

When TDD first spoke with Plumlee, he wasn't targeting a specific timeframe for making a decision and was in no hurry to proceed with the recruiting process. Since that time, however, it's been a whirlwind of news and events for him.

"So much has happened in that time for me. Everything has changed. Duke has ramped their interest in me way up, and my interest in them is about as high as you can possibly get. It's been really fast, but I've got a great idea of where things are right now."

Previously he was also looking to take more visits throughout the season and well into the summer in hopes of getting a more balanced idea of the programs recruiting him. Now, however, as he puts it. Things have changed.

"I don't think I need to take any more visits in order to make a decision. I think I've seen enough of the schools I want to see in order to make a good decision for me. I am thinking I will probably make that decision in the early Spring - after the state tournament. I know things are going great with Duke right now, but we're focusing on winning a state championship."

Convienently enough for Plumlee, the state championships are held in Raleigh on the same day the Blue Devils host St. John's in Cameron. After the state event, Plumlee and his parents (who will be visiting from Indiana) will drive over for a return visit to Duke.

"My parents haven't seen much of Duke, but that'll all change when we sit down face-to-face with the coaches that weekend. They have talked to Coach Collins and really love him, but the St. John's game will give them a chance to meet everyone from Coach K down. I know they are looking forward to it. I know I am."

Currently Plumlee has lead the Christ School in Asheville, North Carolina to a 29-2 overall record.

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