Peach State LB Has A Duke Offer

Stone Mountain, Georgia has been a virtual hot bed of talent for the past several years. It appears on the hottest names from the area this year is going to be linebacker Nigel Mitchell-Thornton.

"I have offers right now from Georgia Tech, Mississippi State, Duke, NC State, Marshall and I have been told Central Florida is going to offer, but I am not sure yet if they have."

Several people close to the Stone Mountain star have advised him that his offer list will continue to grow.

"Everybody is telling me that this is only the beginning," said Mitchell-Thornton. "They are telling me that I should have several more offers by the end of this semester. So far everything has been great. It's all just been a blessing."

This past weekend Nigel got the chance to see one of the schools that offered him up close and personal.

"I went over to Mississippi State this weekend," said the talented linebacker. "I got the chance to talk with Coach Croom. He's a great guy and a great coach. I would feel real comfortable playing for him."

Nigel's parents were also able to attend the unofficial visit with him.

"My mother and my father went with me," said Mitchell-Thornton. "They are real conservative people and they aren't going to get caught up in a lot of hype and things like that. They liked it over there. We all had a good time."

Nigel says that he will seek guidance from his parents as he makes his way through the college recruiting process.

"They are going to make sure that no one takes advantage of me," said Mitchell-Thornton. "They want to be sure that I stay level headed through all of this and not get caught up in any lies. They are going to help me weed out the lies from the truth, so I don't end up in bad situation. They want me to look at all of my options before I make any decisions."

Nigel denies a leader and considers himself open to the possibilities. He will attend Junior days at Clemson and Auburn this weekend.

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