Sunshine State TE Ready To Visit Duke

Paul Freedman will be one of the top tight end prospects in the state of Florida this year and the Clearwater (Central Catholic) standout talked about the latest.

"I have one offer right now and that's from FIU," Paul Freedman said. "A lot of other schools have been showing interest, recruiting me. Right now, there are 27 schools sending me stuff."

Freedman talked about some of the schools he's most interested in right now.

"The ones I really like are Florida, Miami, Duke, Auburn, and Georgia Tech," he said. "Duke seems to be the most interested. I'm gonna try visiting them and maybe Auburn. My favorite team growing up was Miami."

While Freedman grew up favoring the Canes, he said that started to change a few years ago.

"Up until high school it was Miami," he said. "Then I started leaning more towards Florida. When Riley Cooper from our school went there, that's when it started to even out. I really like Urban Meyer."

The talented tight end said he's still very interested in Miami as well and talked about what he likes about the Canes.

"You think about all the great players who have been through there," he said. "That's one of the reasons why I liked them so much. I went to one of their games."

Freedman believes his chances of getting offered by Florida are better than getting one from Miami at this point.

"I talk to the coaches at Florida all the time," he said. "I went to two of their games and I think the chances are better of getting one from them."

Whether he lands an offer from one of those two or decides to leave the state, he talked about what he'll be looking for in a school.

"The program prestige is one and the academics is another," he said. "Those will be the two biggest things."

The talented junior, 6-foot-7 and 235 pounds, had an excellent sophomore season and then missed the first six games as a junior because of an ankle injury. He still finished with over 200 yards receiving. He talked about what he brings to the table as a prospect.

"I played soccer growing up and was a goalie since I was four years old," he said. "That gave me soft hands. The one thing I'm working on is getting faster."

Freedman, who ran a 5.08 electronic 40 at a combine last week, carries a 3.65 GPA inside the classroom and scored an 1120 on the SAT so qualifying won't be a problem.

Freedman plans on attending the Combine in Jacksonville next Sunday.

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