Big Time DE Offered By Duke

Brandon Putnam is a defensive end from Peachtree City, Ga, who is as good in the classroom as he is on the field. The 6'3 and 233 pounder at Sandy Creek High Schoolreceived his first offer yesterday from a school that is offering an important aspect of what he's looking for and Putnam is now placing this school high on his list of favorites.

"I got a fax from Duke today saying that I had received an offer," Brandon Putnam said. "They sent it to my coach's office. I'm glad that I now have a sure school that I can go to. It's a very strong academic school. Duke is a school that I'm highly interested in, and a lot of that has to do with their academics."

Putnam discuses his top five schools.

"Duke and Georgia Tech are of high interest on my list. Clemson, Louisville, and I wanna say LSU - those schools are all at medium interest."

Last season Putnam helped Sandy Creek to the second round of the playoffs. From the Defensive End position he totaled 62 tackles (9 for a loss), 5 sacks, 3 pass deflections, and 1 fumble recovery. Sandy Creek will have loads of talent returning for next season. Putnam has one ultimate goal and many other diverse ones.

"Next year I want to be on the first team all-area. I also want an offer from Georgia Tech at sometime. My GPA is a 3.8. I want to do everything that I can to maintain that average. Back to football. I want to lead the area in sacks. Most of all I want to win a state title. We have a very good chance at that next season."

Putnam believes that his game is strong in most areas from the Defensive End position.

"We play against a lot of option teams. I'm just as good against the run as I am against the pass. When we're playing option teams my two objectives are to blow up the fullback, which will open up things for the other guys on defense, and then get to the quarterback. I think that if we had played more passing teams that I would have had more sacks. I'm very good in pass rush situations."

For Putnam there will two things that he'll be looking at next February when it comes time to sign the dotted-line.

"The first deciding factor will be academics. Then I'll look at a program that will put me in the best position of going pro. That's about it."

Brandon Putnam is also receiving a great deal of attention from Alabama

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