One on One with Marshawn Powell

TDD sat down with frontcourt prospect Marshawn Powell over the weekend at the Boo Williams event. The 6'8 Virginia native is one of a handful of prospects to see his stock rise significantly on the Duke recruiting radar of late.

TDD: It seems like you've gotten a bit bigger from last year's event.

Marshawn Powell: Yeah, I've grown a lot since last year, at least a couple inches. I think I'm right around 6'7, 6'8 and I'm up to around 230 pounds. Plus, I've been working out and increasing my quickness, I feel a lot more comfortable out there.

You're playing with one of the most loaded AAU teams I've ever seen, can you talk about the frontcourt rotation on your team and how you fit in?

Yeah, it's real cool getting to play with guys like Ricardo and DeShawn and others, we're all different in ways, but we all are trying to attack the basket and get buckets and play physical. For myself , I've been trying to just play aggressive out there, contesting shots, going hard after rebounds, using my body to my advantage.

In watching you play, it seems like you don't shy away from contact under the basket.

I've been doing some work with a post coach for a good bit now, and that's one of the things we've been doing. Last year I struggled a bit with scoring down low, so, this year I have concentrated on getting stronger in my lower and upper body so I can score more points down low.

Watching you play, you seem to be a bit different from the new version of power forward/centers, in that you don't spend a huge amount of time out on the perimeter, is that kinda how you want to play in college?

You know, in some ways it'd be nice to go out on the perimeter and be able to handle the ball and shoot 3's, but where I'm at my strongest is down low on the block and scoring there. I mean, I can score with a jumper outside of the lane, but that's not my main focus when I'm playing.

Watching your AAU team play, you seem to utilize the big men in different ways. I saw you doing the high low with DeShawn Painter, but I also saw you receiving the post entry pass and clearing out, do you have a preference for what type of college system you are looking for?

Well, I really would like to play in a system where I can be the primary guy down low. I'm open to playing with other big men too, I mean, looking at Kansas, they seem to play a lot of big men, but I think I would prefer the opportunity for more playing time.

It seems like your school list is expanding lately, no?

Yeah, I got a lot of schools who are showing me love right now, I've got interest from Clemson, Arkansas, Davidson, Georgia Tech, Miami, UVA, Oklahoma and many others.

There seem to be a lot of ACC schools on that list, let's talk about the teams that are usually at the top, UNC and Duke, how much interest have you received from them?

Not a lot to be honest with you, UNC has never really sent me anything and Duke has only sent me like one letter. I do watch them play on TV, lot of great players there.

With some guys, if they haven't received any information from a school, that kinda turns them off to that school, do you feel that way towards those two?

No, not really, in fact, if Duke were to contact me, I'd be interested in them for sure. With UNC, I'm not sure right now with them, they haven't really shown any interest in me, and I've heard they have a lot of post players already committed. I'd definitely like to hear from Duke though, I mean, how could you not like Coach K?

Can you elaborate on that?

Well, I've never talked with him before, but seeing him the way he coaches on TV and seeing the behind the scenes stuff that ESPN does sometimes, it seems like he really cares about his players, and he can call them out and coach them, and he can be an encourager to them too.

Last Question, are you looking to set up any visits to schools this summer to check them out?

Yeah, I would like to if I can, maybe in May or June if I have some free time with AAU. As far as which programs, I'm not really sure just yet, but if a school wants me to visit, I would try real hard to go, if I can.

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