One On One with Kammeon Holsey

TDD sat down with frontcourt prospect Kammeon Holsey over the weekend at the Boo Williams event. Holsey, a 6-foot 8, 210 pound power forward out of Georgia, says the Blue Devils' staff has been in contact in the last week in an effort up ramp up their recruitment of him.

TDD: It seems like you're getting a bit bigger each time we see you. Where are you projected to top out?

Kammeon Holsey: I just saw my doctors the other day and they looked at my growth plates and they said that I have the potential to grow to over 6 ft 9, right now I'm around 6 ft 7, 6 ft 8. I currently weigh between 200-210 pounds right now.

Your game seems centered around fundamentals and a low post skill set. Who has helped you develop that style of game?

That's my dad and my coach and I, we've been working with some videotapes and workout programs to help me with my agility, post moves, quickness and other things. Whenever I play, I just try to play smart and move around the court and make plays, whatever the team needs.

Sticking with that theme, it appears like you have a knack for getting to the right place at the right time. Is that learned or does does it come naturally to you?

Yeah, in some ways it does, in other ways I've had to work to be able to do that. Doing my workout programs has really helped me get better.

Watching college basketball this past season, do you have any players that you followed for how they played?

Well, there was really three guys that I was watching this year and how I liked their style. I really like how Michael Beasley got to play, as well as Donte Green from Syracuse, but the other guy I watched alot who I really liked how he played was Kyle Singler, he got to showcase his versatility alot, and that's what I want to do in college.

College wise, what are you looking for in terms of basketball program, academics, social setting, stuff like that?

Well, I really want to major in Business Management or something like that, I really like learning about leadership and stuff like that. Program wise, I want to go to a college that will let me use my versatility to help the program, I can go inside and outside. Size wise, I'm cool going to whatever size college there is, but I think I would prefer not to go to a really huge school, something a bit smaller.

Coming from Georgia, a lot of the top players usually stay in home for college, do you think that situation applies to you?

I don't think so, I mean, it's easy to watch Georgia Tech, Georgia and Auburn, schools like that because they are close, but I'm most definitely not afraid to go away for school, it's not a big deal to me.

How far is too far then?

I would say too far would be like Colorado or something like that, I do want to be somewhat close to my family, as long as it's not too far to drive, I'm open to go there.

Which schools are showing you major interest right now?

Well, Duke has been increasing the attention a lot recently, my coach ended up talking with Coach K and one of the assistants last week. Other than that, Georgia Tech, Xavier, Clemson, Alabama, Georgia, Kentucky, Florida, they all want me.

What are your impressions of Duke and Coach K?

Well, I haven't had the chance to talk with them myself, just my coach has, but just the fact that they have started recruiting me is a big deal, I mean, that's one of the best programs in the country year in and year out.

Are you setting up any visits this summer?

I'm not sure right now, we're traveling quite a bit with the Stars, so, we'll have to see.

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