One on One With Kenny Boynton

Over the weekend, TDD sat down with Florida scoring guard prospect Kenny Boynton during his time in the Triangle for the annual Bob Gibbons Tournament of Champions.

TDD: You recently took a visit to Florida. Can you give us a brief recap?

Kenny Boynton: Well, I spent a lot of time with Nick Calathes, he showed me around a lot of the campus, where the guys work out, where they eat, where they hang out, stuff like that.

It was reported that you spent a good amount of time with Coach Donovan while you were there, can you comment on what you talked about?

Well, we didn't spend the whole time together, but we had some, he showed me around their practice facility, which was real cool. Other than that, we just talked about the team and kinda where he saw me fitting in.

Looking at Florida's scholarship numbers, there seems to be a lot of variables in regards to who they are going to sign. Did you get a chance to talk about that at all with Coach Donovan?

No, I mean, we didn't really talk about that too much, we just spent time talking about different stuff, moreso having to do with me and just Florida in general, like what they had to offer.

You've got some really different personalities recruiting you, can you kinda compare and contrast how you perceive coaches like Coach Barnes or Coach K or Coach Donovan?

Well, with Coach K, I mean, he's a living legend, everytime I talk with him it's like I learn something new. With Coach Barnes, he's a real gentlemen, just the way he is, he's just a really nice person. And Coach Donovan, he's been coming on a lot recently, he's just a different kinda dude, he's intense but cool at the same time.

What kind of situation are you looking for in a college in terms of atmosphere, coaching style, playing time, etc?

I'm pretty much open to anything, I don't really have a preference, each school offers something different.

Some of the schools on your list have some really high major, big time financial resources behind them, with multi-million dollar facilities, can you talk about the effect that has on your decision process?

Well, obviously if a school has something like what Florida or Duke has in terms of the workout facility with everything in it, that's an advantage for them, just because as a player, it's nice to be able to do everything at the highest level. I haven't had a chance to look at Duke's yet, but I have seen pictures of it that the team has sent me, and it looks real nice, I'm excited to see it when I visit.

Talking about Duke, they are one of the schools on your list that is quite a ways away from home, what's yours and your family's take on that?

That's not that big a deal to us, I'm open to Duke and they have a lot going for them.

It seems like there has been some difficulties in getting a visit worked out to Duke in the past couple months, can you confirm if you are planning a visit for the over the summer to Duke?

Yes, I am going to be visiting Duke in June, only it's not going to be with my parents, it's going to be with my high school team, I am planning on spending some time on the campus with the coaches and hopefully the players, I really want to get a feel for Duke and their workout facility and all that they have to offer.

I know with Duke they have a very unique situation in terms of their commitment to the Olympics this summer, can you talk about how you feel about that situation and what they have said to you about that?

Yeah, Coach K and Coach Collins have been talking about that a lot past couple of months. They have been honest with me that they are going to be in China for a period of time, and if other coaches are coming on strong, they asked that I understand that they have these commitments to the USA Team, which is fine with me, it doesn't bother me at all.

Has the Duke staff been talking with you at all about what the NBA guys have been saying about Coach K and the Olympics?

Yeah, they've sent me letters and stuff that has quotes from guys like Kobe and LeBron about Coach K and what's he means to them. It's been neat to read what they have had to say about Coach K, it's a different perspective.

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