Devils Chasing Texas Gunslinger

When the coach of the last two Super Bowl MVPs takes the time to recruit you at the quarterback position, it's a pretty good indication of a pretty special talent level. That's certainly the case for one of the Lone Star State's best signal callers who is sorting through a number of big time offers - including one from the Blue Devils and Coach Cutcliffe.

Right now I have around seven offers," says Drew Allen, a 6-foot-5, 210-pound quarterback from Alamo Heights in San Antonio, Texas. "Duke, Wake Forest, Colorado, Purdue, UTEP, Vanderbilt, and New Mexico State have all sent one. I'm also hearing from a few other schools including Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, SMU, and Texas Tech."

The Duke offer, which was extended in person earlier this month during an on-campus visit, holds some appeal for Allen given the person who is making the recruiting pitch.

"With Coach Cutcliffe you have someone who has had incredible success coaching the quarterback position. When you look at the kind of offense he runs and the kinds of players he's been able to produce it's hard to think that I wouldn't be successful playing for someone like that. When I was [at Duke] we had a chance to sit down and really go over the kinds of things he does and the kind of program he is building for the position."

"In the past Duke hasn't been all that successful, but with the new coaching staff they are really building something there. With a place like Duke you have a closer community because of the size of the school. Really, the size and tradition of a school isn't as important to me as some of the other factors."

As with all his potential recruits, the Duke coach didn't just focus on his extensive football background. Instead he also pointed out the academic side of the equation, which made an impression on Allen.

"With Duke you have a chance to get a great education that will prepare you for life after football - whenever that may come. A lot of my decision will be based on what football can do for me in terms of how I can benefit down the road. My parents are really big on the kind of education I can get and they want me to consider that as well as the overall package of the schools."

The overall package appears to be some kind of formula that takes the relationship with the coaching staff and players and mixes it with the potential to rise up a depth chart and the life of a player away from the gridiron.

"That's pretty much what I am looking for. It's got to be somewhere that I feel will give me the best of all those things. I know that I want to be on the field and helping the team win at some point in my career, and I want to have a good relationship with the coaching staff because these are the people who are responsible for you for the next four or five years. It's why I have been traveling as much as I have this summer. I want to see all the options for myself so I can make the best possible decision for me .... hopefully before I start my senior season in the fall."

As a junior, Allen passed for 2,589 yards and 28 touchdowns and added an additional 254 yards and five touchdowns on the ground to earn All-District honors.

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