Corey Gattis: "It Was A No-Brainer"

The weekend keeps getting better for Duke as local product Corey Gattis of Durham Hillside High, has verbally committed to the Blue Devils. Gattis informed TDD of his commitment shortly after leaving camp on Saturday afternoon.

"I committed to Duke towards the end of camp today," said HIllside dual-threat quarterback Corey Gattis. "I had gone over there on Tuesday to workout with my teammate, Nick Stone, on Tuesday and was supposed to just watch. But after a while I couldn't sit on the sidelines so I got on the field and worked out for Coach Cutcliffe. He was impressed and told me that was the kind of thing he wanted to see from me."

After the week's workout, Gattis returned home and began discussing a possible commitment with his family should an offer from the Blue Devils come his way - something that happened on Friday night.

"We went back over to Duke later in the week and met with Coach Cutcliffe. He offered me at that point and I kind of knew that I was going to commit. He was really great to talk to - he invited me and my family into his office and we just talked about everything."

On Saturday Gattis attended camp in Durham, and before he left the practice field for the final time in the afternoon session he spoke to his future, and unsuspecting coach.

"I just walked up to him and told him that I wanted to accept his offer and wanted to come play for him. He was really excited, and just welcomed me to the program."

As a junior Gattis threw for more than 3,000 yards and 28 touchdowns while scrambling for another 350 yards. Previously the Hillside star wasn't seriously considering the Blue Devils, but that changed when he met Cutcliffe and the new coaching staff.

"With the new coaching staff you have a group of people who know what they are talking about. They really love their players and they are very personable. When I go over there they all know my name and they talk and joke around with me. But they also all know what they are talking about. There is no doubt that we are going to make Duke a competitive program again."

"As a quarterback this was a no-brainer. Coach Cutcliffe has coached the best around and there was no coach who could help me fine-tune my skills as well as he could. I didn't want to go somewhere that couldn't challenge me and force me to work and improve - and Coach Cutcliffe is the best for that."

As he prepares for a senior season at Hillside, Gattis says he has some work to do on some teammates.

"I am hoping they offer Nick Stone, and I am going to really start working on Desmond [Scott] to think about coming with me. I want us to have the best recruiting class we can this year."

So far, it's off to a very good start.

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