Hairston Preparing To "Shut It Down"

In addition to 2010 commitment Andre Dawkins, the Blue Devils spent Tuesday hosting another big time sophomore - 6-foot-8, 215lbs Virginia forward Josh Hairston. On Friday, Hairston spoke with TDD about his time in Durham and where he sees his recruiting process heading in the short term.

"Right now I have around 10 offers," said Josh Hairston. "But at this point I am starting to shut down the process. I'm telling the various coaches who are calling thanks, but no thank you and really focusing on three programs."

Those three finalists are Duke, Virginia Tech, and Ohio State. All three have offered, and each has hosted Hairston on an unofficial visit - with Virginia Tech and Duke coming this past week.

"On Sunday I went to Virginia Tech and spent the day with the coaches. It was part of their Elite camp and it was a good chance for me to see program and what Coach Greenberg is building there. He's done a great job with what he was first given and he's trying to bring in players that will help the program get to the next level."

Shortly after leaving Blacksburg, Hairston headed to Durham where, admittedly, he found everything to be first class.

"I spent the day with my parents at Duke. Coach K had specially flown in for our visit, and we spent a good amount of time with him and the team. I've always been very interested in Duke, but I never thought I would be in a position to get a phone call or letter from them. Now I've got an offer and a chance to play for a legend. The whole time I was there was just a great experience."

Hairston wasn't the only high major prospect on campus either as the top target on the recruiting board in 2009, Florida's Kenny Boynton, was also visiting.

"Actually I didn't have a chance to catch up with Kenny while he was on campus because he was with the team running pick-up games, but we had talked at NBA Players Camp the week before. We had talked about going to Duke and playing together and he made it pretty clear that he's heavily considering playing at Duke. I think it would be a great team if we all end up there. He's a heck of a player."

Prior to this week's round of visits, Hairston had visited OSU, but the distance was a bit of a deterrent for him.

"Ohio State is the only school I'd be willing to make an exception for in terms of being so far away. They want me to come up once before I make my decision and I'm looking to do that before my season starts. But, it's still a six hour drive. My parents love me, but that's too much for them to do - trying to drive that much for every home game."

Location isn't the only factor that'll be weighed into the decision either.

"Right now it's about location, academics, and how I fit in with the roster. With Ohio State you have a guy like BJ Mullens who will likely be a one and done type of player. At Duke you have Kyle Singler, but by the time I get there he'll probably be in the NBA. I'm watching to see who they have and who they are looking to bring in so that I know how I fit into the plans."

At 6-foot-8 and 215 pounds, Hairston describes himself as a floor general stationed at the power forward position:

"I think you have to be a leader when you are a big guy. I make it a priority to get out and make sure everyone has their head up and is working hard toward making the team win. I try to keep their spirits up even if they are having a bad game. As a player I think rebounding is definitely a strong suit for me. I'm not a real prolific scorer, but I can score if the coach needs it from me. I used to play exclusively with my back to the basket, but I've learned that I need to be able to show a little of the face-up game as well - so that's something I'm working on."

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