Blue Devil Offer Surprises Thornton

One of the criticisms you hear when following the Blue Devils' recruiting of late has been a perceived lack of movement in terms of early offers. That trend hasn't held true in the class of 2010 where head coach Mike Krzyzewski has already offered half a dozen players including Washington (D.C.) product Tyler Thornton.

"Yes sir, I got an offer from Duke last week and I'm thrilled by it," says 6-foot-2 point guard Tyler Thornton. "I was really happy and, honestly, a little surprised they were offering so early. Duke doesn't normally do that, but it's really great to have that kind of opportunity."

As with all recruiting prospects, the official offer didn't come until Thornton had a chance to sit down with Blue Devils' coaching staff and for the coaches to observe him in action several times during the Spring and Summer evaluation periods. Apparently the DC Assault standout did enough to warrant such an early show of confidence.

"I think I've played well and I know what it takes to go to a school like Duke. I'm pretty close with [rising Duke sophomore] Nolan [Smith] and he's told me that it's a different level at Duke. You have to be willing to bring everything you have every time you get on the court. He's also talked to me about what it's like to go to school there. I've tried to do those kinds of things in high school and AAU ball anyway to constantly get better."

Despite the offer from the Blue Devils, don't expect Thornton to be rushing into any kind of decision making process in the near future. And why would he?

"I've got a lot of time, and I know that a lot of schools really want me to come in. I'm going to work on narrowing down my list in the next few months and then I'll look at maybe getting a decision made before I start next summer."

And what will the prized prospect be looking for in a decision?

"With me I like the academic aspect of things, but I also want to go somewhere that I feel comfortable with the coaching staff and the players. If basketball doesn't work out for some reason, I need to be make sure I'm somewhere that I can be really successful."

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