Three Star CB Picks Duke

Yet another in-state standout has chosen to commit to the Blue Devils and head coach David Cutcliffe. This time it's a three star defensive back with offers from programs in the ACC and SEC. Find out the latest on the 13th known commitment from the class of 2009.

"I've decided that I'm going to commit to Duke University," said Raleigh (NC) Leesville Road athlete Zach Greene. "Really when I looked at it from an academic standpoint, there's really nothing that can compare. I'm really making this a 40-year decision, not just a four-year decision."

Greene, who carries a 3.8 grade point average continued...

"A degree from Duke will really help me a lot. To tell you the truth, Duke is probably the school that has recruited me the hardest and their coaches have made it a point to let it be known they need me over there. With the recruiting class they have coming in, I can see they are moving in that direction. More than likely I'll go in as a cornerback and return specialist."

As a junior, Greene hauled in 45 catches for 704 yards and eight touchdowns. On defense he had 50 tackles and three picks. Greene also chipped in two touchdowns on kick returns.

Coach Scottie Montgomery gets the credit again here as he followed up with Greene as much as possible while helping him towards a decision.

"He really showed me how much they needed me, and he showed my family that I would be well taken care of and in good hands at Duke. The coaches were continually letting me know that I was their priority and I liked that."

That message was furthered by the coaching staff's desire for Greene to join the team in January - something that may happen after some further family discussions.

"I'm really excited to get this thing going, and the coaches have let me know they would love for me to get into school for the Spring semester so that I can get with the team and start preparing for the season. They've told me that if I do that I could see the field pretty early in my career - maybe even next fall. My family and I need to sit down and talk about that to see if that's something we're interested in."

And speaking of family connections, a decision to attend Duke may shock most in-state recruiting buffs, but Greene believes his reasoning is solid - and won't be changing.

"I am solid on Duke. [The decision] may come as a shock to people, with my ties to NC State. My dad went there and I've been to every game since I could walk. But, this was a decision that needed to be made without the emotional aspect. Making it on pure emotion wouldn't have seen the big picture. A free education to Duke is impossible to pass up. A lot will look at the decision and wonder why I'd chose Duke over State, but with our recruiting class we're going to start winning big." analyst Steve Williams described Greene as a big time prospect that projects to be a solid contributor for the Blue Devils down the road:

"His foot speed, acceleration and change of direction are amazing and Greene routinely squirts through the smallest gaps and then explodes upfield," said Williams. "He is most dangerous in the open field and that is most apparent on special teams. Greene shows great vision and the instincts to find the seams and creases consistently on kickoffs. Another impressive facet when Greene has the ball in his hands are his tremendous reaction time. It seemingly takes a fraction of a second for him to identify a defender's momentum and use a blistering cut to get past him."

"Greene shows solid hands and he obviously thrived with Thomas Wilson heading up the Leesville passing game. He shows the toughness to go across the middle and his speed affords him the opportunity to get himself open regularly."

"All of the attributes that make Greene special on offense and special teams could ultimately make him a super cornerback. At this point he appears more comfortable with the ball in his hands and just being creative. However, his quick feet, speed and reaction time give him all the tools he needs to emerge at defensive back. He will need to add size and time to improve his technique but that will come."

"Overall, Greene is a special athlete with the ability to make eye-popping plays at almost anytime and at a variety of positions."

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