Boynton Looking For Final Pieces

After visiting with the Duke coaching staff last night and before hosting the UF coaches on Wednesday evening, the top prospect on the Blue Devils' recruiting board talked recruiting and updates with TDD.

The biggest recruiting visit of the last 24 hours is easily the one that took place in Florida last night when Duke head coach Mike Krzyzewski took his entire coaching staff to the home of American Heritage High standout guard Kenny Boynton for more than three hours. Before heading into his second round of visits, Boynton took time to reflect on his meeting with Krzyzewski and company.

"I was happy with the way the visit went," said Kenny Boynton. "We talked about a lot of different things. They told me how they see me in the Duke system and then we just talked about a lot of topics. Coach getting a chance to meet my family was a big thing for me."

Before the contact period started back up, Boynton said he was unsure about some of the schools on his list and would be spending the next six weeks or so learning more and more about those programs. However, that wasn't the case with the Blue Devils.

"With Duke I feel like there isn't anything I am not sure of. I know what they are offering me on the court and what they can offer as a school. They have a specific plan for me, and I can see myself there. Now that my parents have had a chance to get all of the info, I think it's safe to say we know where Duke is with things."

With time being of the essence , Boynton relayed that he will take similar steps with the Florida coaching staff when the visit before making a trip to Gainesville next month.

"I know a lot about Florida as well. The coaches there have done a good job - same as the Duke coaches. I'm going to visit there in October, but like Duke I think I know as much as I can about them and what they bring to the table."

Heading to USC later in the week and then to Georgia Tech in two weeks, Boynton says he's eyeing a fall decision, but not before he finishes the recruiting puzzle.

"Right now I am going to have a decision made before the start of my senior season, but that won't come until I take the visits. It's the last chance to see these schools before I have the decision."

And once that decision is made, Boynton will return his focus to basketball.

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