Vernon Remains Solid With Duke

Conner Vernon has seen his recruiting stock continue to rise despite his commitment to the Blue Devils. A crucial part to Dade County's top overall offensive unit, Vernon sat down with Scout for a general recruiting update.

"We are right where we want to be," added Conner Vernon. "We have the #1 ranked offense in Dade County."

The 6' 1", 175 pound Miami resident is also off to a fast start.

"Stat wise, I am doing well. I was leading Dade county in TD's and receptions until our bye week."

Vernon believes his speed has been one of the main reasons his play has improved this season.

"Definitely my speed is way up this year. I also think my blocking has gotten a lot better. My hands and route running are a lot better than it was at this point last year too."

Conner committed to Duke this summer but he still has several colleges trying to change his mind.

"I still have some other schools who are calling me like Ole Miss, Wisconsin, and Vandy, but I am not going anywhere else. My focus is on my season and then I will leave to Duke in June."

Have any official visits been set?

"I just going to Duke when they play North Carolina State on November 8th."

Are Ole Miss, Wisconsin, and Vandy trying to get the Gulliver prep star in for a visit?

"Ole Miss has been calling me a lot. They are bringing in some of my teammates (Artice Kellam, Frank Crawford, and Darian Mallary) for a visit in a couple weeks. They want me to come over there with them, but I am sold on Duke. Wisconsin has been calling a lot too. They want me to come in for a visit too, but I am not going anywhere else. Same goes for Vandy."

What attracted Vernon to Duke?

"Their coaching staff really impressed me when I went up there this summer. Coach Scottie Montgomery and I are real close. I have actually been up there twice already, and their education programs are great, and they are turning their football program around. Before it was all about basketball, but now the focus is on both sports. They have really turned their football program around."


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