Big Time In-State QB Has Top Three

Though the class of 2009 has yet to be completed, the Duke coaching staff is already hard at work in the current junior class. Aside from identifying an early wish list of prospects from 2010, it appears that head coach David Cutcliffe has zeroed in on, potentially, his next big time signal caller.

"Currently I have offers from Duke and Illinois," said Weddington (N.C.) Matthews High standout Anthony Boone. "I've also gotten a lot of interest from Virginia Tech, Clemson, and South Carolina - all of them have said they will offer as well. I've been to Virginia Tech three times already for camp and their spring game; to Clemson and South Carolina for camp; and I went to camp with Duke and for a game last week against Miami."

It was the visit last week that has apparently opened the eyes of the 6-foot-1, 215 pounder to the potential of staying in-state for the duration of his college career.

"I've got something of a list of top schools, but things keep changing. I had thought I had a solid list of five but that kind of shifted once I visited Duke. [Previously] Duke wasn't in there, but when I visited and saw where Coach Cutcliffe was taking the program they jumped way, way up. Right now I'd say my top three are Duke, Virginia Tech, and Clemson."

As with most high major prospects, the Blue Devil staff is approaching the recruitment of Boone as if they are a decided underdog, which has meant a steady stream of attention and work put in.

"I know that Coach Cutcliffe is really high on me. He told me that I'm the number one guy for them in my class, and they would love to have me come in and get things set with the class early. He's certainly one of the best coaches out there and when you look at some of the guys they are bringing in, you can tell that they are going to be really good. Coach Cut told me that when I get the there he thinks I have the ability to break all the records and to get to the NFL."

That's certainly a lofty set of expectations, but Boone believes the Duke head coach is speaking from a position of experience when he says these kinds of things, which adds authenticity into Cutcliffe's recruiting approach.

"He's a guy who has done it before. He coached both of the Mannings and has put a lot of players not just into the NFL, but into the NFL at a very high level. When he says you can play in the NFL if you come in and work hard, it's very believable. He's a big time coach and he knows what it takes to get to the next level. In talking to him I feel like I can accomplish that if I were to go in and work hard for him."

But doesn't every coach turned recruiter say the same thing to a high major prospect in hopes of earning their commitment? Boone admits this is so, but also says the Blue Devil staff's approach is unique.

"They treat you like you're the best thing in the game when you talk to them. It's really an affective approach - just the way they talk to you. They don't talk down to you, but treat you with a lot of respect and it's genuine. Whenever I talk to them they talk to me like I'm already part of the program: We talk about the depth chart and how I fit in with the other guys they are going to bring in. It's just an impressive recruiting job they're working."

Described as one of the country's top dual threat quarterbacks, Boone is renowned for his incredible arm strength, but admits he needs to improve his accuracy.

"That's something that needs to get better for sure. I'm working on it, but our high school team is really young and we play in one of the toughest conferences in the state. Our offensive line has one junior and four sophomores, and I'm running around a lot back there. The coaches like my arm strength because I can get the ball where it needs to go really quickly."

As a junior Boone has racked up over 1,000 yards passing with 10 touchdowns, while also adding another four scores rushing.

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