Blue Devils Starting The Process With Wall

Last week the Blue Devils received bad news when Florida guard Kenny Boynton decided he would take his considerable talents to Florida. Those events appear to have ignited the recruitment of the nation's top guard prospect - Raleigh's John Wall. On Monday evening the five star prospect spoke with TDD.

"Right now I'm looking at Memphis, Baylor, Kansas, Oregon, NC State, Miami, Duke, and USC," said Word of God Christian Academy standout John Wall. "Duke and USC just came into the picture and I haven't had as much time to really look at them to see where they are with things."

While looking at what the Blue Devils and Trojans bring to the table, Wall will also focus on a pending visit to National Runner-Up Memphis on November 14th for an official visit.

"I am looking forward to getting out there to see the campus and the program up close. I hear a lot of comparisons to Derrick Rose from Coach Calipari, but he also tells me that he doesn't see me as another Derrick Rose. He wants me to take parts of his game, but to incorporate that into what I do so I can be me."

And being John Wall certainly appears to have its perks these days. Considered the nation's #2 overall prospect according to, Wall is not only projected as an impact player from day one when he arrives at whatever college next season, but also a likely lottery pick in June of 2010.

"Honestly I know if I stay hungry and come out with something to prove every time I step on the court I think the NBA will take care of itself. If I work hard and go out and have a great freshman season, and I am looked at as a top 10 or better pick I would have to jump at that opportunity. It would be such a great thing for my family. My mom has done so much for me and being able to do something great for her would be something I couldn't turn down."

With such a high major talent residing such a short distance away, many fans may have wondered why head coach Mike Krzyzewski and his staff waited until after Kenny Boynton decided to head to Florida to jump in with Wall. The answer may be a combination of factors - many of which have been touched on in the initial discussions between the two camps - but the bottom line is that Coach K and company have now started the process - even if it's in the initial stages.

"They have talked to my coach and I am working to set up a visit over there to see where they are with everything. They told me about Kenny Boynton and how they can't get everyone they want. They had been recruiting him since his freshman year and he was their guy in this class, but he ended up not going to Duke. They couldn't really recruit another player at his position until they knew where he was going because they told him that he was their guy. They were straight with him, and I liked that."

Still, with Boynton taking until November to make a decision, the worry is that Duke is jumping in too late with Wall. However, the decision making process appears to be headed into the Spring, which will allow Krzyzewski's staff an extended period of time to make up ground.

"I am not really sure when I am going to decide. I guess it could be the fall, but probably the Spring. I am going to let things come and learn as much as I can about the schools. I want to see them for myself. I've heard about a lot of them, but I want to see if I get a good feel for the program, the team, the school, and the head coach. I can't make a good decision if I haven't visited the school."

And what will he bring to a team during the 2009-2010 season?

"I am a good leader and a floor general. I can score when I get the ball and I can set my teammates up to be successful. I play hard every time out and I've really worked to make my jump shot more consistent than it's been in the past."

A lock for the McDonalds Game in March, Wall says there's no real matchup he's looking forward to in the annual all-star game. Instead he's got a much simpler reason for looking forward to the contest.

"I played against the best players throughout the summer - Kenny Boynton, Abdul Gaddy, and everyone else. They are all really good players, but if I am lucky enough to make the McDonalds Game, I am really looking forward to having fun and being on TV."

That may be the first nationally televised game of his career, but most assuredly won't be his last.

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