2010 TE Has An Offer From Cutcliffe

Brian Vogler, from Columbus-Brookstone, (Ga.), is one of the biggest tight end targets in the country for the class of 2010. Vogler has collected four early scholarship offers and receiving interest from two BCS programs.

"I have been doing pretty good this year," Brian Vogler said. "I have a couple touchdowns. We are mainly a running team. My blocking has been good."

Several schools have jumped on board by extending scholarship offers, but it's early in the process for Vogler to name favorites. He knows several factors which will play a big role in his decision.

"I have offers from Maryland, Kentucky, Auburn and Duke," he said. "A couple weeks ago I went to Georgia. I talked to coach Richt. I keep in touch with them a good bit. I went to Alabama's game last week. I am staying in touch with them. I talk to Florida a good bit."

"I don't really have any favorites. I am open to a bunch of schools. If I had to lean one way or the other I would say I plan to make an early decision."

"The coaches and probably how far away the program is are important factors. The big part is academics for me. Another big part is how much they use the tight end. A bunch of teams are going to the spread now."

The Georgia Bulldogs are definitely a school in the mix. He talked about the visit to Athens and the interest in the in-state school.

"I went to the Georgia blackout game [Alabama]," Vogler said. "The visit was pretty good. It was my first time ever going there. It was a good experience. I didn't know how loud it could be."

"I spoke with coach Richt. He was telling me he watched my film the day before. He said he was interested and liked what he saw. I think he is a nice guy. He is different than other coaches in a good way. He really cares about his players. He wants everyone to stay connected."

"Georgia is pretty close to home--only three hours away. I know they use their tight ends a lot. I know one of their tight ends Bruce Figgins. He went to school here in Columbus. They have been consistent over the last few years."

Vogler traveled to Tuscaloosa for the Tide's Homecoming game against Arkansas State.

"Everyone was pretty nice," he stated. "I think it's a lot bigger there. I don't know what is is. The offensive line seems a lot bigger. They are just big. I don't know what it is. I had gone there a few years ago. I like their stadium. They have installed two more big screens. The fans down there are crazy. They love Alabama football."

"It was pretty good to meet with coach Saban. I had never met him before. It was different talking to coaches before the game. They are trying to focus on the game. I think it was 15 minutes before they went on the field for pre-game warm ups."

"He talked to me about the same as coach Richt. He saw my film--liked how I attacked the ball when I went for a catch. He is a big fan of using the pro-style and having two tight ends. They didn't have any 2009 tight end commits. They have two senior tight ends."

"They are the same distance as Athens is. I know a good amount of people up there. A lot of my family friends are big Alabama fans. Their offense is the kind of offense I want to play in college. It's more of my style of play."

Vogler plans to attend the Auburn-Georgia and Vanderbilt-Tennessee game.

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