2010 OLB Will Visit Duke This Weekend

Aramide Olaniyan (6'1, 205, 4.5, OLB) will visit Durham this weekend for the Duke-UNC game. On Sunday he sat down with TDD to provide a recap of the recruiting process to date and a look ahead.

TDD: Can you give me a run-down of where you are with the recruiting process to date?

Aramide Olaniyan: The recruiting process is going well for me right now. So far Boston College, Stanford, and Maryland have offered. I went to the Maryland vs. Unc game and all of the coaches were really pleased with how I looked. They offered me on the spot. I have visited duke several times, Maryland, unc, Boston college, wake forest, Virginia, and also Uconn. To tell you the truth I haven't really thought about where I want to go. I would love to get a great education so Duke, Stanford, Boston College, Virginia, and Unc would be early Favorites. There is life after football that is why I really want to get a great education.

Being at Woodberry I am assuming academics are pretty important for you as you look to pick a school in the next year or so? How does the school prepare you for the next level?

This is true. Woodberry is a very tough and challenging school. Academics are very important to my family and I. We all want the best for me, and going to a good school would really increase the chances of me being successful in life. In looking for colleges my parents and I are only focusing on the good academic schools. With my parents coming from Nigeria academics come before everything.

Which position do you see yourself playing when you arrive at whichever school you choose? Are the schools recruiting you at different positions?

I just turned 16 in September, so I am expected to grow more, but all the school recruiting me would like for me to play Outside linebacker. All the school have been recruiting me for OLB, and this is also the position I play at all combines and camps.

We have you listed at 6'1, 200lbs with a 4.61 40. Is that accurate? Do you have a reportable max in bench press, squat, power clean?

This is accurate. I look forward to being 215 by next season. I also ran a 4.51 at the underclassmen combine last year. I would say that is my most accurate forty time. My squat, bench, and power clean have all seen improvements. I squatted 455, power cleaned 275, and benched 285. I am also taking a term off from track to focus more on lifting and getting faster. I will continue track in the spring.

With Woodberry being a boarding school, where are you from originally and how did you end up at WFS?

I am originally from Bowie, Maryland, but I was born in Washington D.C. One of my teammates in middle school had brothers that went to Woodberry Forest. I visited the campus and I fell in love with the place. Woodberry is great. The campus is beautiful. The teachers are great, and the academics are outstanding. I would have been a fool to go elsewhere.

On your upcoming visit to Duke, which coach has been your primary contact? How often do you speak with him?

I have been primarily talking with Coach Roper, and the recruiting assistant Ethan Johnson. I talk with Coach roper about once or twice every two weeks, and email him about once a week to update him on how things are going. Coach Roper is a great guy and I really just hope things work out with an offer.

If you could summarize Duke's pitch in a sentence or two, what would it be?

We are an upcoming program that will improve in a few years with great prospects like you coming here, and we also have great academics.

What are you most looking forward to about your trip to Duke?

I am looking forward to see the duke campus in action. I have only been to duke in the summer time when the students are home for break. I really want to see how the students make themselves apart of the game. This is also a huge rivalry and I look forward to seeing how things turn out between the two teams.

Do you have a rough outline of your schedule on the visit?

I really do not know what I will be doing when I get to duke, but I would guess they will give the prospects a tour of campus. I would also like to speak with the players and the admissions people about my future at duke.

What questions do you have for the Duke coaching staff?

They have been really good in answering my questions already. Every question I have thrown at Coach Roper he has responded in an honest way that is what I really like about Coach Roper. He is a cool and straight forward coach.

Speaking of the staff, what have been your overall impressions of the job they have done. Obviously, Duke has been more successful this season than in years past....have you taken notice of that and what does it do to a football player's perception of the program?

They are doing an awesome job. Coach Cutcliffe and his staff have made great changes to the program, and the will only continue to get better in the upcoming years. I would love to be a part of an upcoming program because duke is only going to get better. If I was to choose duke I would guess by the time I was a junior or a senior we would be in or wining an ACC championship.

Do you hve your current season stats available?

This season I recorded 14 sacks and about 40 tackles. I doubled the amount of sacks I had sophomore season. I have also received all conference status for this year. I look forward to hopefully being All-State like last year.

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