Wall Watches VT Game Behind Duke's Bench

While Blue Devil fans were watching their team systematically dismantle Virginia Tech in the second half, their attention was also drawn behind the Duke bench towards Duke's top remaining target in the class of 2009.

"I had a chance to go over and visit Duke for the Virginia Tech game,"said Raleigh (N.C.) Word of God standout John Wall. "It was a great game and their stadium was really full of energy. It's easy to see how so many people say there's no place like it."

After months of working to schedule a mutually agreeable visit to Duke, both sides of this recruiting equation were happy to finally have the nation's top rated guard on hand to see the current and potential future of the Durham program.

"We had been working to get a chance to get over to Duke, but with my high school team being in season and them also being in season it was tough, but we finally found a date that worked. I had wanted to get over here, but also wanted a chance to see what Duke was like, not just go over on any day."

And that's just what happened as Wall watched the Blue Devils clamp down on the Hokies for the final 17:30 of the game - holding them to nine points while scoring 30 - turning a four point game into a blowout.

"The way the coaches work to get the players to do their best always was something I noticed. You can tell that they demand the most out of their players every time they are on the court. That's why Duke is always so good."

While he's certainly looking towards a successful college career, Wall says his ultimate goal is to make the NBA - preferably in June of 2010. Thus, whichever school he chooses will need to have a track record of producing NBA talent at the highest level.

"[The style of play] is something to think about [in my decision]. I want to go somewhere that will help me get better and prepare me for the next level. That means not only improving my game, but also getting the kind of exposure - I know that Duke has a track record there."

With a decision deadline still months away (in May if you're scoring at home), Wall says he's still in the information gathering stage, but is starting to get a better idea of certain schools and programs.

"Right now my focus is still on my high school team, but I do think about it. Where I could see myself playing, how I would fit in for this coach - that kind of thing. I am going to keep getting the information so that when I make my decision I have made the best possible."

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