Is Marry Close To A Decision?

The Tampa Bay Times Defensive Player of the Year is gearing up for his fourth and perhaps his last official visit this weekend.

"I hope this one is it," added Mike Marry. "I went to Iowa State (10/29), USF (1/9), and Duke (1/16). I am going to Ole Miss this weekend."

What were the highlights to the USF visit?

"I guess just the facilities, players, and their coaches."

What were the Bulls' selling point?

"It just seems like their program is on the rise, and they have a real good recruiting class put together."

And Duke?

"I liked their academic, coaches, and players."

And their selling points?

"The same thing. Their program is about to turn the corner. And academically, if you get a degree you are set after college. You can't count on making the league to financially support you for life. I also have a good chance to play at Duke."

What will's #28 middle linebacker focus on while on the Ole Miss visit?

"I just want to see if I get along with the players and coaches and just see how I feel on campus."

Is there anybody else in the picture outside of the schools for the 6' 3", 220 pound high school defensive end?

"It is still the same schools. I do not know which one I will visit, or if I will even take another visit. All of the schools who have offered me are still calling wanting me to take a visit, but it is mainly coming from Michigan, West Virginia, Purdue, and I just got an offer from Auburn two days ago. They are on me really hard trying to get me to visit."

What will Marry base his decision on?

"I just want to look at their academics and see if I fit in with the players and coaches."

Any one school coming after Marry the hardest?

"Really, all four of the schools that I have visited or will visit have shown me the same amount of attention. They call call every week. They all call by my house every week. It is pretty much equal. I am not going to commit on my visit to Ole Miss, just like I did not commit on any of my prior visits. I am going to go home, talk it over with my parents, and make a sound decision after I have seen all of the schools I want to see."

Anybody else accompanying Mike on his officail visits?

"My dad came with me to USF and Duke, and he is coming with me to Ole Miss."

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