Duke Offers Big Time Pass Rusher

Dominique Easley just picked up an offer on Thursday from the University of Oregon, so when Duke faxed over their offer on Friday the defensive end was extremely excited to pick up his second offer in two days. He needs to learn a bit about the Blue Devils, but they are intriguing to him.

Curtis High School pass rusher Dominique Easley grabbed another offer today, this one coming from Duke University. The 6-foot-3, 253-pounder was extremely happy to hear from the school, but right now he just needs to learn more about them.

"Duke just offered me today," Easley said. "They faxed over the official letter to my school during the day. I haven't talked to the coaching staff today yet, but I did talk to them once before."

"They have great academics down there and the football program is getting better now since they got new coaches," Easley offered. "I talked to one of the players there that I know and they spoke very highly of the program. What I want to do is sit down and research them a little bit more before I talk to the coaching staff and then maybe get down for a visit. My coach just gave me the offer, so I don't know when I'll be talking to the coaches. All I know is they were really impressed with my film."

As a junior, Easley made 51 tackles, sacked the quarterback 10 times, had an interception and ran both fumbles he recovered back for touchdowns.

He has a max bench press of 285 pounds, a max squat of 550 pounds and reports a 2.5 core GPA.

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