Wall Ready For Sunday Conversation With K

In his post game new conference against Villanova, head coach Mike Krzyzewski made it clear. His team is searching for a point guard. The Duke head man will finally have a chance to make a face to face pitch to the best in the country tomorrow afternoon in Durham.

"I'm going to visit Duke and Coach K tomorrow," said Raleigh (N.C.) Word of God Academy standout John Wall. "I've been listing them for a while, and I've already visited them so it's time to sit down and listen to what they have to say."

The message for Coach K and the Blue Devils seems clear: the program absolutely needs a point guard before the start of next season. And, with expected departure of Gerald Henderson to the NBA, Duke needs another dynamic scoring option in the backcourt. With that in mind it makes sense for the Blue Devils to make a run at Wall.

"They've been telling me that they need a player like me to come in and have the ball in my hands next year. I know that Duke can get me to where I want to go, but I also have a lot of questions that I need answered before I can really make up my mind about them."

On top of the list of questions the 6-foot-4 prospect plans on asking Krzyzewski are those relating to the style of play and the way in which Wall may fit. So far through the process it would appear as though he's heard different answers - albeit not from the Duke coaching staff - to those queries.

"You hear things during this whole process. I've heard that they play a certain way and kind of push people into a system there. I've seen them play recently, but I also remember the way that guys like Jason Williams and Gerald Henderson were able to use their strengths. Basically I want to sit down with Coach K and get some honest answers about how it would work if I went to Duke. I want to ask some questions and hear what he has to say."

As one of the fastest players in the country, Wall says he's not looking for a system reliant on a slower pace. And that's one of the reasons that the Memphis Tigers are the current leaders in this recruiting race.

"They play a fast style and they've had a lot of success with players like me. Still, they aren't close to home and my mom would like me to stay close if I could. But if I go away for school she'll be OK with that too."

Make no mistake, the program that wins a commitment from Wall will do so with the understanding that, barring injury, it will be for just one year. But in that year he hopes to refine his game enough to not only make the NBA, but to be an instant impact player beginning in 2010.

"I need to get stronger and I need to get better on defense. I also want to continue to improve with the ball in my hands. Basically I just want to play somewhere that's going to help me improve and achieve my goal as quickly as possible. My goal isn't just to get there, it's to stay there and be able to take care of my family for a long time."

Which, coincidentally, is one thing Wall believes Duke has in its favor heading into Sunday's meeting.

"That's one thing everyone knows about Coach K. He gets his players to play defense and he gets a lot out them. If this was only about becoming a defensive player it would be a pretty easy choice, but there's more to it than that. That's what we're going to talk about."

Face to face, starting tomorrow.

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