Nation's Top PG Finds Answers In Meeting

Heading into Sunday night's visit with head coach Mike Krzyzewski and his staff, Raleigh (N.C.) Word of God standout John Wall had a number of questions for the Duke head coach. How would he fit in at Duke? Does Duke play a style that would help him achieve his dream of making the NBA? And so on. After spending several hours on campus, the 6'4 prospect has his answers.

"The visit was really good for me and my family," said John Wall. "We had a chance to walk around campus, tour the facilities, and to sit down with everyone and talk things out. I feel like I've got a better understanding of what they are all about."

Heading into the visit, Wall admitted that he had heard several opinions of the Duke program and the way in which players are utilized under Coach K. Furthermore, the nation's top point guard prospect was concerned that the Blue Devils' system wasn't conducive for him to come in, shine, and make the NBA in one year. However, some frank discussions may have cleared the air.

"One thing is that Duke hasn't had a penetrating, fast point guard for a while. When they had guys like that they were leading the country in scoring every year and were a more uptempo team. We talked about it. They have still managed to win, but had to change their style because they didn't have that kind of player."

So, does that mean the Blue Devils would consider a style change - reverting back to the uptempo look of the early part of the decade should Wall decide to cast his lot with Duke?

"Absolutely. Duke has a chance for a player like me to come in and basically have the ball in my hands. They are going to have a lot of guys who can score and who would thrive playing that kind of style. They just need the point guard."

And, as Krzyzewski pointed out in the meeting, Wall makes a lot of sense for Duke and Duke makes a lot of sense for Wall. Which is why a scholarship was finally offered.

"They did offer me. I knew I had an offer from them, but it's something that always has to come from Coach K to be official. We talked about how Duke is always in the national media. I know if I come in and was able to earn a spot, I'd get a really great chance to show what I can do. The coaches really think that adding a guy with my skills could put them in the hunt for a National Title, and all their games are already on TV - most on national TV."

Joining Wall on the visit were his mother and his AAU coach. Both of whom were impressed with Duke coaches and the way questions were answered.

"I think they were [happy with the answers]". I know my mom would like me to stay local for school, but she would also be supportive if I go somewhere else. They both just want the best for me and want me to be able to realize my dreams."

So, after the initial visit with Coach K, has Duke done enough to vault itself into contention with Wall as he looks to make his decision in around three and a half weeks?

"They have given me a lot to think about and I can talk to them more as we go along, but this was a great meeting and helped me realize a lot."

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