One on One With Brandon Knight

The top rising prospect at the point guard position in the class of 2010 is Florida's Brandon Knight. In his first AAU competition as a rising senior, the 6'2 five star guard put on a show at Boo Williams...then he sat down to speak with TDD.

TDD: It's been awhile since we've seen an updated recruiting list from you. Can you share with us which programs are really serious with you?

Brandon Knight: Man, there's a lot to be honest. All the Florida schools, UCONN, Duke, Syracuse, UCLA just called, Texas, Kansas, pretty much everybody is calling me or sending me stuff in the mail.

Who are the primary recruiting coaches interacting with you at this point?

It's mostly assistant coaches right now. I mean, here and there I'll talk with Head Coaches. Head Coaches wise, I've talked multiple times with Coach Donovan, Coach Calhoun, Coach Boeheim from Syracuse, and Coach K has called me a couple times, but not as much recently.

It's been reported in the past that schools such as UCONN, Duke, Miami and Florida were standing out in some way with your recruitment. What are they doing that separates them?

Well, I don't know if I would necessarily agree with that. I mean, the hometown schools obviously have it a little easier being so close to home, but I wouldn't say that those schools are really standing out more than others. That's just been what's reported.

It seems that because you haven't been quoted as much in the media there are a lot of "rumors" out there regarding your recruitment. Do you have a reaction to when reports like that come out?

Yeah, I mean, I made the decision to not talk as much in the media except for when I'm at events, so, I understand when reports get put out there.

How do you respond when reports like, "Miami is doing a great job in recruiting Brandon Knight, or, Florida is sitting pretty because of Kenny Boynton and Austin Rivers being there ?"

I think it's kinda funny because I heard somebody say that Coach Haith had done a good recruiting me, and I would say he hasn't recruited me any harder than anybody else, it's just what's out there, you know ?

Another school that was mentioned early on in your recruitment was Duke. Can you comment on their recruitment of you thus far?

I mean, I'm not shut down to Duke, and I've talked with Coach K a couple times and the assistants, but they haven't been recruiting me as hard as some other schools, so, I don't know where things stand with them, but they are still on my list.

Ok, lets talk Florida and UCONN. Billy Donovan was mentioned as a candidate for another school's head job and with the recent reports of recruiting violations at UCONN, does that affect your thinking towards those schools?

To be honest, with Coach Donovan it didn't really bother me because I know he's only getting interest from other schools because they recognize he's a good head coach. With UCONN, they haven't talked too much with me about the allegations, but lets be honest, every school in some way commits violations when they recruit kids, so, I'm not too worried about it.

Of the head coaches you've been recruited by, do any seem to relate better to you than others?

Well, I just try to be myself with them in general. Off the top my head, Coach Donovan seems real down to earth, Coach Calhoun kinda brings that East Coast intensity in how he is, and the times I've talked with Coach K, he's kinda like that dad that you know who always wants what's best for you, and he'll tell you exactly what you need to do. I relate well with all the coaches who are recruiting me though, they are all good guys.

Let's talk offensive systems, some of the schools on your list are big man oriented, and some are more motion oriented and run the offense through their guards - how do you see yourself fitting into those offense, and which one best suits you?

To be honest, having played with some really talented guards alongside me in Kenny Boynton and now Austin Rivers, I really like the idea of playing in a motion offense in college that features a heavy amount of pick and roll. I've been working on my game, specifically in using the pick and roll to my advantage, and schools like Florida look good to me because of how much they run the offense through their guards.

You've mentioned Florida quite a bit, do they occupy one of the top spots in your recruitment?

Well, I don't know if I would say that necessarily, but there are a lot of attractive things about them, just like other schools. Ok, what makes Florida attractive to you, is it that Kenny Boynton and Austin Rivers are going to be there, does that play into things a bit ? Well, I mean, I've played with those guys a lot coming up, and they are really good players, so yeah, I guess you could say that gives them an advantage, but there are a lot of other schools that have good things about them too.

You mentioned seeing a pro style offense that uses the pick and roll as a offense that is high on your considerations. Does the fact that schools run a lot of their offense through their bigs, whether it be high low, or just playing off a big getting double teamed-does that make them less attractive than schools who do run a lot of pro style sets with pick and rolls?

No, I mean, I wouldn't say it that way, I'm just open to a lot of schools right now, and I haven't thought about narrowing anything down as of yet. I've worked really hard to be in this position, and I'm just gonna see how things play out. I don't really have a position yet on how I feel about schools because I haven't tried to really look at what they do, that'll come when I take my visits.

Where are you planning on taking visits, and are there any upcoming?

Well, I'd like to do some visits to places like UCONN and Duke and Miami and many others, I'm just not sure when it's going to be, I've got a busy summer, so, we'll see what happens.

What's the most important factors to you in terms of your recruitment and college decision?

Well, of course my mom would like for me to stay closer to home, but I would say how comfortable am I with the coaching staff and the players, how they plan on using me as a player, and what the educational opportunities are.

You've always been known as an excellent student, have you thought about what degree program you're interested in? How about school size -- do you like the idea of a big huge state school, or a more smaller, private school feel?

It doesn't really matter to me size wise, I haven't thought about what kind of degree program I want to do, my mom just wants me to make sure I can go back to a school if I decide to go to the NBA and finish my degree later.

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