One on One With Luke Cothron

A potential sleeper big guy in the class of 2010, Luke Cothron's secret may have gotten out this weekend at the annual Boo Williams Invitational. Rated as a 4 star power forward prospect by, the 6'8 forward sat down with TDD to discuss his game, and his recruiting.

How has the recruiting process been progressing for you?

Luke Cothron: Recruiting's been going great to be honest ever since I moved to Flora MacDonald. I've got offers from schools all over the country, like NC State, VA Tech, South Carolina, Texas, UCONN. It's been going real well for me.

How has the move to Flora MacDonald worked out for you?

Flora MacDonald is great. I went there to work hard on my game and my academics, and things have been going really well for me since I got there. It's a really structured environment, and I really like that.

Did you make the move there to shore up academics? Was it a playing time issue?

I wanted to get my overall academics more ready for college and I wanted to go to a place that would be challenging to me. I've currently got a 3.2 GPA and I took the PSAT a few months ago and scored an 1100. I'm planning on taking the ACT and SAT in the next few months.

What's the basketball program like?

No, the program is great. It's designed to have a lot of accountability amongst teammates, and the coaches push us very hard to improve each day. I've got different workout plans that my coach has set up for me that I do each day. Some days I do weights, some days I take shots on the shooting guns, other days I do NBA ballhandling drills, it just depends. I pretty much eat, sleep, work on my game and take care of studies and that's it, that's what I like.

What kind of players and coaches do you see yourself meshing well with?

I try to get along with everybody I guess. I really like people who aren't 'fake', you know? For me, I'm real laid back about things, but I take a great deal of responsibility to make sure I'm in a position to take advantage of the opportunities that come my way.

Do you watch a lot of basketball? What kind of schools do you make an effort to watch on TV?

Well, the ACC is my favorite style of play, I like the up tempo game that has some physicality to it. TV wise, I don't watch much, but anytime Duke, NC State, Virginia Tech or South Carolina is on TV, I try to watch them - just because they are really good teams that I like.

Watching you play with Boo Williams this year, you're playing alongside a lot of other big men, is that something you want to do in college, or do you want to go be 'the man' somewhere?

The way I look at it, I'm working really hard on my game that I'll be ready to be the number one guy wherever I go. But, if there are other big men there, that's ok too. I can play the physical style down low and get rebounds and block shots and score points, but I'm also working on adding the jumper to my game, and I'm working on my ballhandling so I can be a big that my team can use all my abilities.

You mentioned Virginia Tech and NC State. Have you had any contact with any of the other ACC schools?

Not a whole lot to be honest, maybe an occasional letter here or there, but not too much.

If those schools came knocking on your door, what would your reaction be? I would definitely consider those schools, they run the kind of offense that I think I fit in very well into, and they are some great schools that allow their bigs to be versatile and show their strengths. The fact that I can rebound and defend on the perimeter and score down low, I think is really good and those kinds of systems would allow me to utilize all my talents and abilities to help the team win.

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