Wall Ready To Cut His List Next Week

Another day. Another twist and turn in the John Wall recruitment. After a meeting with Duke head coach Mike Krzyzewski didn't materialize on Wednesday afternoon, what's next for the nation's top uncommitted senior?

"Right now I'm just looking forward to the Miami trip," said John Wall late Wednesday night. "After I get back, I am going to sit down with my mom and my coach and start looking to make a decision. Right now I have some idea, but I want to make sure it's right."

Wall declined to indicate which way he was leaning, saying only that the decision is something that has "a lot of things pulling in different directions".

Having endured coaching changes, players leaving various program, players choosing to attend some of the schools, and so forth - it's easy to see that the longer things move forward, the more changes could come.

"There have been a lot of changes and I'm glad I've waited to see what is happening with different places. I want to make sure that wherever I go, things are stable and I know what I'm heading into."

After visiting South Beach this weekend, Wall says he expects to consult with his AAU Coach, Brian Clifton, as well as his mother in hopes of trimming his list down to a manageable number. Most likely "two or three". From there he will look to further examine those programs in detail. But will he make any other unofficial visits to Durham?

"It just depends. I think I have a really good idea of some of the schools at this point, but if we sit down and decide we need more then we might."

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