Offer In the Mail For Georgia Lineman

The Kyle Woestmannn Sweepstakes is heating up and things are really starting to get interesting. Beginning with a trip to Georgia's G-Day game, then Georgia Tech's T-Day game, the 6-4 260 pounder was then visited by Oklahoma. Following that visit, the playmaker was informed by the Duke Blue Devils that he was being mailed a written offer.

"The G-Day game was definitely nice," Kyle Woestmann said. "I left with a good feeling. They haven't offered yet, but I think they are really close."

The next weekend you paid a visit to The Flats for Georgia Tech's spring game. What did you think about that?

"I enjoyed getting to hang out with the players and prospects," he said. "Denzel McCoy (Tech Commit) is in my grade and is one of my friends."

After the visit to Tech, where do things stand?

"It's definitely a phenomenal school and atmosphere," he said. "And you can't go wrong playing at a school like Georgia Tech."

So, then you had a visitor to school just yesterday, correct?

"Yes Sir. Oklahoma came by to see me," he shared. "They are interested in me as a defensive lineman and a center."

Did they offer?

"No. They didn't offer, but I think they are close."

Initial impression?

"They definitely play big-time football," he said. "And it would be incredible to play at a school of that caliber."

And then what about the email you received from Duke?

"When I got home that day, I checked my email," he said. "And I saw that I had an email from Coach Luke."

He said that they were going to put my offer in the mail that day."

Were you surprised?

"Not really," he offered. "They had been recruiting me heavily and I had been expecting an offer to come in at any time."

Now that things are really starting to heat up, where do you stand?

"I'm just looking for the place that fits me best and one that will give me a good opportunity to play."

Do you have leader?

"Yes, my leader right now is Vanderbilt and they are a solid number one."

"I'm still looking for more opportunities to come my way, and I know that the best way to make that happen is to keep doing what I'm doing."

Which is?

"Kickin' butt in the weight room and on the field."

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